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Welcome to the UO Singularity homepage!

    If you are new to the UO Singularity universe, please take a careful read through this page first to go over many of the in game features available for players to take advantage of. If you would prefer to just jump in and start playing, please see the download and installation guide!

    It is also highly advised that you take a quick read through out new player guide for ideas on how begin adventuring on this shard. There are quite a few things made easier here than you will find on other shards, and other generally useful things to be aware of in your journies.

    Before getting started on this server we would highly advise new players to first read through the Class System Feature. This server is unique in that there is a class sytem available which allows players unique abilities that impact their group experience and enable them to fill roles within parties that many UO shards do not have. Since this initial class choice might impact your choices of skills, it would be a good idea to first familiarize yourself with the system.

    Also, you will find numerous links below describing various in game features and calculations that might differ from other shards, these articles would be helpful as well but might not be 100% necessary at the start.

     If you have any trouble getting started, downloading the game, getting razor working, or with anything else, the easiest way to get help would be to join our server discord which we have linked to on the right side of this page. Thanks for visiting our page and we hope to see you adventuring on the shard!

Server Info

Port: 2593
(Please see the download page for installation assistance.)

Server Goals:

     The primary goal for development of this server is to provide players a modernized version of Ultima Online that breathes fresh life into the game by adding tons of quality of life features and modernized gamification techniques, without sacrificing the PvP aspects of the game. On top of this special care will be taken to ensure that the servers economy is setup in a manner that will allow it to flourish and hopefully prevent runaway inflation that some servers tend to run into.

    We want to ensure that we maintain the feel of the original Ultima Online worlds, prior to any of the expansions, but at the same time we want to open up new doors for players to explore that will be unique to the UO Singularity world. When you first log in, you'll find yourself in a very familiar world and most of the builds you know and love will be possible to achieve here. At the same time however, we will be working to add new and interesting ways to play game by bringing the quality of underperforming builds up, and in some cases by creating entirely new builds that you won't find on other servers.

    The skill caps start at 100 and are boostable up to 120 through power scrolls, you can only achieve a total skill cap of 700, but power scrolls will allow you to move beyond this only for the skills you used power scrolls for though. The stat cap will be 225 with a 100 max for each skill. The item system is modernized and will allow you to boost stats up to 125 through itemization. In short, this game will feel very much like Ultima Online, but as you explore the various systems you'll find that there are very fun new ways to also play the game.

Continued Development

    So much has changed since our release on 6/5/2020! We have completely revamped many of the in game systems and continuously refined the existing systems to bring balance to many playstyles and to allow players numerous ways to customize and power up their characters.

    On top of this, we have just released the 7th and 8th classes, the pure mage Thaumaturge class and the melee dps/support Zealot class (see Class System Feature for details). In addition to this we already have the next two classes ready for development and they should be released within the coming weeks. This means we have added 4 new classes in roughly 5 weeks, which goes to show how dedicated we are to improving the diversity in UO Singularity and providing players the continous support needed to allow any MMO to thrive.

    There will be many more classes as well as features to come in the following months!

Custom Features:

  1. Fast skill gains while in Felucca Dungeons for combat skills and everywhere for non-combat skills.
  2. Fast stat gains everywhere, lumberjacking and mining stat gains are extra fast.
  3. Humans only but Gargish and Elvish hues available as humans, you will have no hair with this start though.
  4. Combat skills cannot gain past 90.0 unless in a dungeon, to reduce the effectiveness of afk house macroing.
  5. Fast travel through moongates to all of the primary Felucca dungeons.
  6. Trammel world with Felucca dungeons.
  7. Murderers cannot recall out of dungeons.
  8. Murderers will not be sent to Felucca, the only open world is Trammel and it's for everyone.
  9. Paragon Storm event that dramatically increases the number of Paragons in dungeons for 1 hour.
  10. Custom housing with plot sizes up to 18x18 available.
  11. Magincia housing lotto active.
  12. Custom currency systems in place as rewards for various activities.
  13. All custom currencies can be held accountwide in the bank and checks can be made out as well for these currencies.
  14. Deco lottery tickets available as rewards for all special currencies.
  15. Daily Coins earned from killing Paragons and chess puzzles on lichess.org
  16. Lichess.org integration that allows players to continue earning loot by solving chess puzzles, allowing players to continue playing even on a mobile phone (Command: '[chess').
  17. Randomly rotating daily double dungeons with increased drop rates and improved skill gain (for players and pets).
  18. The Virtue System has been revamped into a seperate currency and the virtue set has been significantly improved.
  19. Rare artifacts have been improved to have competitive end game stats and will be continuously balanced in future updates.
  20. Slayer types have been reduced to super slayers only: Undead Slayer, Repond Slayer, Demonic Slayer, Elemental Slayer, Arachnid Slayer and Reptilian Slayer.
  21. Slayer damage modifications are based on the item quality, with Legendary Artifacts and Artifact Rarity 11 items having the full benefits.
  22. Skill gains beyond 100 after using powerscrolls will not require you to drop another skill to stay at the 700 skill cap, giving a final potential end game skill total of 840. Most skill benefits beyond 100.0 are limited to impacting PvE calculations primarily.
  23. Continuous balance of PvP as well as end game builds available within world.
  24. Powerscrolls are available as vendor purchases although they will require some definite work to attain, champion spawns for these will eventually be added to the game as well.
  25. Clean up Britannia system is active and there are trashcans located near vendors and available as deco items.
  26. Characters are limited to human only but Elven and Gargish hues can be used.
  27. Female and Male characters have no gender restrictions on armor they can use.
  28. Fast spawn rates in dungeons, spawn rate increases based on players present in a dungeon.
  29. Improved rewards for players working together as a group while farming in dungeons.
  30. Removal of the following skills from the game: chivalry, necromancy, spellweaving, focus, ninjitsu, bushido, mysticism, imbuing and throwing.
  31. Using modern item generation, stats, and resistances, but using original skill systems.
  32. Total stat cap of 225 with 100 max per stat and up to 125 with item bonuses.
  33. Paragon spawns have lowered difficulty and will not drop artifacts on low tier mobs.
  34. Greater spawns have been added for higher difficulty units, these are similar to Paragons and drop Paragon chests at a lower rate, also these can combine to create an extra rare Greater Paragon spawn which comes with a heavily increased chest drop chance.
  35. Special Paragon Maps can drop off of any map found on a Paragon monster with a 5% chance, these maps spawn paragon defenders and have improved rewards.
  36. Summoned creatures will not attack innocent targets causing players to be flagged as criminals erroneously, but will attack murderers and criminals.
  37. Bola Balls removed from the game and cannot be crafted.
  38. Rare mount system that allows players to hunt rare spawn mounts and all players have a chance to win a Paragon hued mount when slaying these rare spawns.
  39. Rare weapons system that allows players to hunt honesty items in the open world and convert them into powerful weapons that are very difficult to come by.
  40. Mage AI improvements preventing spell spam on cure and dispell on failures.
  41. Class systems implemented to help allow play style variety and bring balance to non-Tamer arch types.
  42. Animal Taming is available with only slight alteration of the underlying mechanics and pet training is available.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  1. Dungeon Coins to reduce looting strains (Toggleable with command: '[dc' or in the custom profile menu).
  2. Treasure Maps are decodable by all, Cartography skill increases loot found in treasure map chests.
  3. Treasure Maps are recallable and will take you straight to the loot location, blocked locations will allow recall to adjacent squares.
  4. Treasure Map chests are removable and can spawn in special deco colors for use in houses.
  5. Treasure Map chests will automatically unlock after killing the spawned guardians.
  6. Recall and Mark spells require no skill to cast and require no reagents.
  7. Runebooks do not require charges.
  8. Drops will be consolidated into color coded bags.
  9. If a treasure map drops the bag will be colored white.
  10. If a legendary artifact drops the bag will be colored gold.
  11. If a slayer item drops the bag will be colored green.
  12. If a lesser artifact or higher drops the bag will be colored red.
  13. Master Skeleton Keys available for purchase from special in game vendors.
  14. Antique and Brittle removal powder available for purchase from special in game vendors.
  15. 100.0 skill level Repair Deeds of all types available for purchase from special in game vendors.
  16. Hitching Posts can be used to shrink in game mounts.
  17. Quiver of Infinity supports both bolts and arrows simultaneously and has 100% lowered ammo cost.
  18. Pet Bonding Deeds available from special in game currencies or through donation coins.

In Game Currencies:

  1. Virtue Coins
    Whenever a virtue reward would normally be earned, instead a player will directly recieve Virtue Coins in their backpack, these coins can be used to buy powerful end game self repairing blessed armor.
  2. Dungeon Coins
    These coins come in two forms 'Lesser' and 'Greater', and they can be toggled to drop in place of regular loot with the "[dc" command. Lesser Dungeon Coins will drop from weaker mobs and more powerful mobs will drop Greater Dungeon Coins. They are designed to reduce the amount of looting needed in dungeons and will translate all monster generated items into these currencies which can be used to purchase bags filled with auto generated items. Gold will still drop as normal but both Gold and Dungeon Coins will be split evenly amongst the players who were involved in the kill automatically. There is also a party boost to drop amounts that is designed to encourage players to group while farming. Playing multiple accounts at the same time to exploit this system is strictly forbidden and a bannable offense.
  3. Daily Coins
    These coins are similar to Dungeon Coins in terms of what you can purchase with them, however, they are different in how they are earned and for some of the rewards. By slaying Paragon Monsters a player can earn up to 500 of these coins per day plus 500 more for each VIP level (see donations for info) up to VIP level 9 at 5000 per day. These coins can also be earned by linking your in game account to your lichess.org account which has a seperate daily limit and also benefits from your VIP level in a similar manner. See the list of in game commands below for further details on how to set all this up.

Useful In Game Commands:

  1. "[chess <APIAccessToken>" this command will allow you to link your account to a lichess.org account to begin earning in game chess puzzle rewards as Daily Coins, you can create an API Access Token here.
  2. "[claim" this command will allow you to claim all unclaimed rewards from your lichess.org puzzle activity, remember that only the last 30 puzzles will be reviewed.
  3. "[ps" will provide players information on the Paragon Storm event.
  4. "[dc" will allow players to target the Dungeon Coins system on or off, this system is designed to allow easier group play and reduce the micro involved with looting corpses while farming.

     Author: JarJarIsASith