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Class Masteries

By JarJarIsASith

UO Free Shard Mastery Cooldown Bar
(Demonologist mastery cooldown bar example)
     The Singularity - UO free shard in game Class Mastery System brings a unique layer of complexity and engagement to the game that you just won't find on any other free shard out there! This development project consisted of adding 66 new unique abilities to the game over the last 2-3 months and we are very pleased to announce that this work has come to an end and the results so far have been amazing! You can watch the video below or read all about on this page.

What is the Class Mastery System?

    The Class Mastery System is completely different than standard Ultima Online masteries. Each of the available in game classes comes with a set of six mastery abilities that are broken into three tiers. Each tier has two abilities and those abilities share a cooldown. These abilities all require activation to use, which means setting up a macro in game will be helpful to making good use of these. Generally speaking, these abilities all function in PvP and PvE, although some might be stronger in one vrs the other. It's up to the player to decide which cooldown to use in each given situation.

Why did we add this system?

    One of the core missing features in the original Ultima Online game design was depth to all play styles. The Magery skill has 64 unique spells to cast but anyone that wants to seek glory and adventure as a melee or ranged weapon fighter, basically is limited to just running at things or away from things. This type of gameplay is extremely dull and predictable, which naturally leads to players drifting towards magery focussed builds and playstyles, ensuring their gameplay has depth and options. It also causes issues with balancing out these various systems, and ultimately leads to warrior play styles falling out of favor for a lot of players, especially in PvP content where magery has reigned supreme since dawn of Ultima Online. This is the core issue that we are seeking to address with a system that enables our players to make devestating plays with fun-filled abilities. We want all playstyles to be fun and have viability in all areas of play, and this brings us one step closer to that goal!

How do I gain access to them?

    Just unlock your class! One you reach level 1 on any class, the full mastery kit becomes available to your class and the cooldown bar will appear on your screen. Rather than forcing players to grind this one out, we are releasing this immediately to all classes. This helps to also ensure out PvP remains balanced and newer players can jump in without feeling heavily disadvantaged. Once you have them unlocked, a cooldown bar for the masteries your class can use will appear on screen, and you can use that to track the cooldowns, review information about the abilities in game, and even to fire the abilities if you aren't a fan of macros. The in game mastery descriptions will teach you the macro command for each ability. Read more on how to unlock classes here.

Browse through the full list of initial masteries below:

    Please remember that some images might contain older versions of masteries, be sure to double check in game and on the available in game classes for the latest information regarding how they all work. Also remember that we will be monitoring these masteries and making improvements to those that are underperforming. Please feel free to share thoughts, ideas, or concerns.

     Author: JarJarIsASith, Singularity - UO free shard developer