Class System Feature

By JarJarIsASith

     This page provides information on the in game class features available within the UO Singularity world.

    One of the most unique features to this server is that we have a class system implemented, and new classes will be added as we move along. Most of these classes are designed to bring better balance to the PvE side of Ultima Online in new and interesting manners. The basic fundamental to be aware of when trying to unlock a class feature, is to remember that you must have a minimum of 90.0 in all six of a classes primary skills to use any of the features. The remaining skill can be anything that a player likes to complete the build with, but if the primary skills are not at 90.0 or higher each, then none of the classes benefits will be available. Also, a player must not be a Murderer to gain the class benefits as well, and there are many restrictions on how these class benefits can be utilized in PvP.

    After a player reaches 90.0 skill minimum in all six class skills, they will be able to make use of the class benefits, and those benefits will be based on the average skill of all their primary class skill. When you hear a reference to a class skill level, this is calculated by adding all six skill values and dividing by six.

  Unlocking a class:

  1. Unlock any class by gaining 90.0 or more base skill in the primary skills listed for the class.
  2. A character's class can never change after unlocking it.
  3. Once unlocked, killing minions will grant you class experience.
  4. Class benefits are only available if you maintain 90.0 or higher skill in the required skills.
  5. Only base skill counts towards required skills, items with + skill will not help to unlock or maintain a class.
  6. Talent selections are available at levels 100, 200, and 300.
  7. Double click your profile scroll on the paperdoll for information regarding class talents.
  8. Remember that the class benefits are completely lost when a player becomes a Murderer, and most of the class benefits either do not function at all in PvP or have limited function in PvP.

    Below is a list of all of the classes, their required six skills and the benefits they give:


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Tactics
  2. Archery
  3. Anatomy
  4. Healing
  5. Camping
  6. Tracking
Ranger Talent Sample

The Ranger the first pure ranged dps class in the UO Singularity world.

With this class came significant reworks of the Camping and Tracking skills.

Camping has been redesigned as a passive buff that players can use to regenerate their mana, hp and stamina more quickly. In addition to this it can be used to lure nearby monsters towards the campfire. The Ranger class builds on this further by amplifying its effectiveness and allowing Rangers to trap enemies that wander to close or even luring enemies more quickly. Ranger camp buffs will not stack with another Ranger's camp buff, but a regular camp buff can be stacked with a Ranger camp buff.

Tracking has been reworked to allow players to automatically track their current target, applying an offensive debuff to that target's dinal damage, reducing it by up to 15% based on the player's tracking skill and can stack for a total of up to 30% reduction.

In addition to this, Rangers come capable of gaining very high amounts of SSI (Swing Speed Increase) for ranged weapons. With the right gear it is possible to have a Ranger with 140 SSI and a 1.25s attack timer for Heavy Crossbows, making this class the most powerful ranged weapon class in the game. Most players will want to focus on using Composite, Bows, Crossbows or Heavy Crossbows while playing this class.

(Note: these buff and SSI benefitsare not available for PvP combat)


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Tactics
  2. Archery / Swordsmanship / Fencing / Mace Fighting
  3. Anatomy
  4. Healing
  5. Provocation
  6. Musicianship
Minstrel Talent Sample

The Minstrel is a unique take on the standard provocation dexxer that you might find on many other shards.

Provocation is the core skill of this class, and is made extra powerful due to the fact that Minstrels can auto-provoke nearby units once every 10 seconds by simply attacking them.

This class can be played with archery or as melee and has the ability to grant allies powerful buffs as well as the ability to summon the phantoms of their slain foes back from the dead to serve as the Minstrel's underling.

The buffs available to this class can both protect and improve the Minstrel's offense and defensive capabilities as well as those of their allies.

This is also the first class to have access to buffs that will also improve allied pet defensive capabilities.

(Note: these buff benefits are not available for PvP combat)


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Tactics
  2. Swordsmanship / Mace Fighting / Fencing
  3. Anatomy
  4. Healing
  5. Spirit Speaking
  6. Inscription
Zealot Talent Sample

The Zealot class is designed to be a powerful frontline warrior that focuses on supporting themselves and their allies through a class mechanic called Zeal charges.

Dealing damage as a Zealot will allow you to build up Zeal charges which have a maximum of 40 total that can be saved up. To unleash these charges, you simply need to successfully use the Spirit Speak ability.

Once you do, you and your nearby allies will receive a Zeal buff that lasts for 1-5 seconds depending on how many Zeal charges were used (+1 second per 10 Zeal charges).

The Zeal empowered Spirit Speak will grant affected allies and the Zealot mana as well as healing based on Zeal charges consumed.

Allies and the Zealot will also gain a Slayer buff that increases the effectiveness of their Slayer damage bonuses multiplicatively

For the Zealot there are extra benefits of increased Physical Area Damage chance and increased chance of Lightning on hit. Also note that the Zealot will gain partial benefits of these as well as the Slayer increase passively without Zeal active.

The final benefit is only available to the Zealot and only during Zeal. This benefit is the ability to overclock weapon speed to unleash a flurry of rapid attacks against foes. For this reason, the choice of weapon for a Zealot is extremely crucial. Weapons that do not reach maximum overclocking will also be given a small second swing reduction. This benefit creates an environment where weapon speeds in the 2-2.5s range become extremely effective, although other options might be viable as well depending on how you've built your character.

(Note: these benefits are not available for PvP combat)


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Magery
  2. Meditation
  3. Evaluate Intellect
  4. Alchemy
  5. Wrestling
  6. Resist Spells
Thaumaturge Talent Sample

This class is designed to allow players to truly wield to power of magery in the UO Singularity world. Most servers out there do not offer pure mage builds that are adequetely equipped to venture out into the world alone but as a Thuamaturge you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Once unlocked, this class immediately gains the ability for spells to cascade at a 100% chance on first cast. Each time the spell cascades it will trigger a copy of itelf one second later at the same target and then can cascade again. The second cascade chance (and all thereafter) will be tied to a player's class level and class skill. Cascaded spells still cost full mana, so you will need to find equipment that supports your newly found magical potency. Also, note that cascading does not impact PvP calculations.

With the release of this class a new system was also introduced that allows players to wear slayer weapons that will impact their magery spell damage as well. Allowing this class great flexibility in choice of weaponry. This slayer channeling ability extends to all classes however.

Many of the talents you find available are focused on amplifying the cascade effects or dealing with mana regeneration issues.

This class packs a very serious punch when wielded properly has some of the highest dps output in the game, as any pure mage class should rightfully be capable of.


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Magery
  2. Meditation
  3. Evaluate Intellect
  4. Inscription
  5. Archery
  6. Tactics

This hybrid class of the Mage and Archer archtypes will be able to wield the elements through their Archery and Magery skill from a distance.

On hit this class will summon an elemental that gains in strength through talent selection, skill gains, and the level up process. Once this class is opened up initially, each damaging attack against a monster has a chance to summon an earth elemental to fight for you. This elemental is basic in functionality and requires 2 control slots, so a player can only have 2 active at a time plus their 1 slot mount. Take note that all on hit damage dealt to an enemy provides a chance to summon the elemental, this includes weapon procs.

Once the elementalist reaches level 100 their power is upgraded significantly. They may choose one of three masteries: Air, Fire or Water. After selecting a mastery, their on hit summons now spawn as either an Air Elemental, a Fire Elemental or a Water Elemental. In addition to this, each elemental has a chance to upgrade to one of the following types (respectively): Poison Elemental, Flame Elemental or Blood Elemental. The upgraded summon will spawn with additional stats and has unique strengths. The Poison Elemental comes with the ability to apply deadly poison (PvE only) in combat, the Flame Elemental has additional base damage, and the Blood Elemental has more powerful Intellect and Magery abilities.

This class can also unlock other properties for their elementals summoned to focus on DPS, defense or a balanced playstyle.

(Note: these will not summon on hit when striking another player in combat, but can be summoned and then used in pvp combat)

Master Of Beasts

  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Animal Taming
  2. Animal Lore
  3. Veterinary
Master of Beasts Talent Sample

This is the only combination available in the game that requires only three skills rather than six.

The primary purpose of this build is to allow a way Animal Tamers to join in the class leveling fun and bring some degree of diversity to the tamers themselves.

There are talents that are specifically designed for solo or group play, and for both dexxer and support oriented builds. The levels and class skill are limited in comparison to other classes, and the top talent tier available is primarily aimed at adding specialization to the world.

Ancient Wyrm, Frost Dragons, and Skeletal Dragons will all scale to their slot equivalent on tame and they all require 115.1 taming skill to tame. Also, only tamers that have the appropriate talent will be able to control these special beasts so they will not be tradeable except to other tamers of the same mastery. Last, remember to be very careful when selecting your third talent because it can never be removed from selection once gained.

The hues that can be applied to units with the tier 3 talents are only available to tamers and future updates will avoid ever applying these hues to other tameable units. Below are some samples of the hues when applied for each of the three masteries.

Void Hue:

Void Hue

Flame Hue:

Flame Hue

Snow Hue:

Snow Hue

(Note: in PvP scaling for many of these units and features will be drastically reduced)


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Magery
  2. Meditation
  3. Evaluate Intellect
  4. Inscription
  5. Resist Spells
  6. Spirit Speaking
Demonologist Talent Sample

This unique combination has been designed to give mages a better foothold for farming in the world. Due to the fact that many high level areas in the game are difficult for mages to handle since they can't fight toe to toe, this class unlock allows mages to summon a Balron in place of the normal Daemon that the Summon Daemon spell brings. This Balron is much stronger than the base Daemon and comes with extra starting hp, scaling up to formidable levels of hp at 120.0 Demonologist Skill Level. In addition to having more hit points, the Daemon will also scale bonuses for Str, Int, Dex, and Damage modifiers based on skill and level. Last, the Balron gains dispell protection based on the Demonologist skill level, and at 120.0 skill they are no longer dispellable at all.

The downside to becoming a Demonologist is that the mana cost for the Summon Daemon spell significantly increases after unlocking this class. This is to ensure players make careful decisions with their Balron.

This Balron will also be capable of using the Poisoning skill to apply Deadly or Lethal poison in PvE combat if the Demonologist takes that as their seventh skill, but any Summoned Daemon will gain this ability regardless of class, so long as the criteria are met. See the Poisoning skill page for more information.

For players new to the Ultima Online world, you might ask why the skills Meditation, Inscription and Evaluate Intellect are required for this build. The reason is due to the fact that a traditional mage gains various defensive and offensive benefits from these skills, and this is a class designed specifially for the mage arch type.

(Note: attacking an innocent player with a Balron will instantly convert it back to a normal Summoned Daemon)

Spell Singer

  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Magery
  2. Meditation
  3. Musicianship
  4. Discordance
  5. Provocation
  6. Peacemaking
Spell Singer Talent Sample

This combination is made available for Bards who wish to rely on summons and Magery in their adventures. There are a few things that this class unlocks regarding Blade Spirits. First, the cooldown will be reduced by 1 second at the following Spell Singer skill levels: 90.0, 100.0, 110.0, and 120.0, for a total of 4 seconds reduced from the lengthy 6 second cast time. Second, the Blade Spirits you cast will gain dispell protection based on Spell Singer skill level and at 120.0 skill they are no longer dispellable at all. Last, the Blade Spirits control slot usage will drop from 2 to 1, allowing a player to cast a maximum of 5 Blade Spirits at once rather than 2 (this is only possible with no mount though, so most players will see a limit of 4 plus their mount).

Last, the Blade Spirits will also be capable of using the Poisoning skill to apply Deadly or Lethal poison in PvE combat if the Spell Singer takes that as their seventh skill, but any Summoned Blade Spirit will gain this ability regardless of class, so long as the criteria are met. See the Poisoning skill page for more information.

In addition to the class unlock benefits above, the Blade Spirits will also gain hp, dex, and str, and there is a talent tree for specializations available for the Spell Singer.

(Note: Blade Spirits have also been modified to no longer attack innocent players)


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Tactics
  2. Swordsmanship / Mace Fighting / Fencing
  3. Anatomy
  4. Healing
  5. Resist Spells
  6. Parry
Juggernaut Talent Sample

This combination is made to help ensure that melee has a place in more difficult encounters and group play. The benefits to this class are greater maximimum armor absorption from the Parry and Resist Spells skills, and the ability to gain block charges when a greater heal spell is cast on the Juggernaut from another player.

Every time a player other than the Juggernaut casts Greater Heal on the Juggernaut, they will have their block charges reset to two charges. These charges will be consumed when the Juggernaut is hit with any spell or ability that inflicts damage, and the amount of damage absorbed is 5-20% based on the player's Juggernaut skill level.

These absorption calculations happen after the base absorption has been calculated. So if a 120.0 skill level Juggernaut is hit for 100 physical damage and they have 70% physical resistance. They will first reduce the damage by 75% from the Juggernaut additional absorption for a calculation of 25 damage. Then, the damage will be reduced by an additional 20% and one block charge will be consumed, resulting in the Juggernaut taking 20 damage. Without this calculation the Player would instead have taken 30 points of damage.

There is no cooldown for how quickly block charges can be replenished, and there is no limit to how fast they can be consumed. The only rules for gaining charges is they can only be gained when a different player casts the greater heal spell on the Juggernaut.

(Note: none of these calculations apply to PvP combat)


  Required Skills at 90.0+:

  1. Tactics
  2. Swordsmanship
  3. Anatomy
  4. Healing
  5. Mining
  6. Lumberjacking
Berserker Talent Sample

This combination allows for a player to inflict much greater damage with Halberd and Bardiche weapon types.

This is the simplest of all classes in the game. Once you gain access to the Berserker class, your character will gain a percentage damage increase to their attacks with Halberds and Bardiches from 20%-100% based on Berserker class skill.

This is an additive damage bonus, meaning if you have a legendary slayer weapon for 100% a increase, and you have a weapon damge increase of 100% from items, this will grant you an additional 100% for a total of 300% damage increase on hit.

Remember that fighting with a Pickaxe is a viable way to gain mining skill in game and fighting with an Axe will allow a player to gain Lumberjacking. On top of this, fighting with a Halberd or Bardiche allows players to randomly gain either Mining or Lumberjacking. This makes becoming a Berserker very straightforward, just pickup some bandages and a Halberd or Bardache and start hitting things.

The primary difficulty for this class lies in finding the right weapon. Finding a solid Halberd or Bardiche can take a good bit of effort, but with the right weapon this class has some serious damage potential.

(Note: in PvP this damage bonus is halved but still available for non-Murderers and only applies when attacking Murderers and Criminals)

Please remember to check this page out with frequency as the features available to come for classes may be expanded in the future.