Singularity - UO Free Shard - Title

Exotic Monthly Hued Mounts

By JarJarIsASith

     For all the exotic tameable mounts that can be found in the dungeons of the Singularity - UO free shard, there is a 1 in 1000 drop chance (1 in 10000 for Bane Dragons) on kill that a player is rewarded with a special hued version of the mount that was killed. The hue is determined by the month of the year (in central time USA). Please see each hue for each month of the year below and good luck finding these rarities! Note that taming the creature will not reward a mount or a special hue. And also remember, that all mounts available in the game can be shrunken down to a minature version by double clicking a hitching post. This will create a blessed version of the mount and it will retain the bonded property as well as hue.

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Monthly Mount Hues