Singularity - UO Free Shard - Title

Primary Dungeons

By JarJarIsASith

     This page provides information on the seven primary dungeons are available in the Singularity - UO free shard: Despise, Covetous, Deceit, Wrong, Hythloth, Shame and Destard.

    Keep in mind that all the dungeons listed on this page are in Felucca but accessible from their standard entrances in Trammel. Also, many of the teleporters you might find on other shards have been modified or removed. This may change in the future as new content is opened up for future releases. Also note that due to the fact that these dungeons are in Felucca, PvP is possible within the confines of these dungeons. Murderers must be extra cautious while PvPing in the dungeons because they cannot recall out but non-murderers can. This is to increase the skill ceiling and difficulty involved with playing as a murderer.

    Also, there is always a daily double dungeon that changes at midnight central time every day. It is possible that the same double dungeon is selected for multiple days in a row. The double dungeon has increased drop rates for items, gold and coins. It also has extra skill gain of 0.1% for all skills earned while in the dungeon below 100.0. Remember that all skill gains in the Felucca Dungeons are already earning at an accelerated pace based on how far from 100.0 a skill is.

    Last, please note that there are several exotic tameable mounts that can also be farmed for special Paragon Hued versions of these mounts. For more information check out the page we have on Exotic Tameable Mounts.


  Slayer Types: Repond, Elemental, Arachnid

Despise is largely considered to be one of the primary new player dungeons available in the game. The reason for this is primarily due to the fact that it is very close walking distance to the capital city of Britain, but also because there are fewer spellcasting units in the dungeon that you would find elsewhere.

The entire upper floor of the dungeon has been designed with new players in mind. For adventurers setting into a dungeon for the first time, this should be a great place to go and start building up skill.

The lower levels have lots of giants, trolls, and ogres which makes it a great area to use your Repond Slayer weapons. There are also Terathons and Elementals scattered through the dungeon, so Arachnid and Slayer weapons will also be quite useful.


  Slayer Types: Arachnid, Undead

Covetous would probably be considered the second new player dungeon in the game, and although travelling there on foot is a bit riskier, it is plenty accessible from the public moongates just like all the dungeons listed on this page.

The first floor is mostly designed for new players to adventure in, but the second floor is almost entirely full of Spiders, so get your Arachnid Slayer weapons ready, and the bottom levels of the dungeon have some of the most difficult undead areas in the game, so you'll find Undead Slayer weapons useful here as well. We have listed Repond Slayer as useful here because there are a few humanoids found here and there in the dungeon as well.


  Slayer Types: Undead

Deceit is the place to be if you have any Undead Slayer weapons, this dungeon is absolutely filled with skeletons, ghouls and other things of the dead.

In the lowest depths of Deceit there are rooms filled with Lich Lords and Ancient Liches that can be extremely difficult, but the entrance floor is primarily designed for new players taking their first steps, making this dungeon a great place to be for all experience levels. Note that there are also some elementals in this dungeon, although not enough to make good use of your Elemental Slayer weapons.


  Slayer Types: Reptilian

Wrong could be classified as a medium difficulty dungeon. There are some rooms in the Dungeon that can be a little difficult, but for the most part an experienced player that is close to their skill cap should be able to handle this dungeon with ease.

Juka, Ophidians, and Exotic Dragons are all reptilian and can be found throughout the entire dungeon, so bring your Reptilian Slayer weapons here for certain. Also note that Bane Dragons spawn here with high frequency and Dragon Barding Deeds can be used on them which is unique to the Singularity - UO free shard.


  Slayer Types: Demon

Hythloth is one of the toughest dungeons found on the Singularity - UO free shard and it is filled with Demons of all kinds.

The first floor is relatively easy in some areas but the difficulty increases quickly, so I would advise you don't venture here until you have had some experience in other dungeons first. These demons also hold the spawn points for a unicorn and ki-rin but are hostile towards them, so if you are after these exotic pets it might take some patience to tame one, and you might need some allies to help out.


  Slayer Types: Elemental

Shame has a good mix of medium to difficult content for adventurers. The first floor can be a bit tough for brand new players but with a moderate amount of skill players should be able to handle this with ease.

The lower floors have some very difficult to handle elementals such as blood and poison elementals as well as chaos vortexes. This dungeon is a great place to visit once you have some experience and a decent Elemental Slayer in your hand.


  Slayer Types: Reptilian

Last we have the home of the Dragons, Destard. This dungeon is most definitely not for brand new players, and even seasoned adventurers will have difficulty with some of the content here.

The entrance area is mostly filled with Wyverns, Drakes and Dragons, although venturing in a bit further will introduce you to Shadow Wyrms, Ancient Wyrms, Skeletal Dragons, Greater Dragons, Reptalons and more.