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Rewards Programs

By JarJarIsASith

     This page provides information on various in game rewards systems that are available on the Singularity - UO free shard.

Dungeon and Virtue Vendors

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Dungeon and Virtue Vendors

  Found just West of the Sweet Dreams Inn

     This location, which is very close to the starting location for all players, has three in game vendors, the Lesser Dungeon Coins Vendor, the Greater Dungeon Coins Vendor, and the Virtue Coins Vendor. You'll also notice that there is a moongate here that connects all players to other in game content very easily, this includes the 7 primary Felucca dungeons.

  Dungeon Coins Vendors

     Once you have enabled the dungeon coins auto loot feature with the '[dc' command in game, your account will be set to auto split loot when you kill creatures in game and you will begin earning Lesser and Greater Dungeon Coins in place of loot drops that you would normally receive. These can be spent at the Lesser and Greater Dungeon Coins Vendors to buy packs that come loaded with random magical items.

Note that these packs will be color coded as follows:

  1. White: a map was added to the pack.

  2. Gold: a legendary artifact was added to the pack.

  3. Green: a slayer weapon was added to the pack.

  4. Red: a lesser artifact or above was added to the pack.

     Note that these vendors also sell lesser and greater power deeds, which can be used on most items in game to create a bag of random items of that type. This is the preferred way that most players use to find their end game gear. Remember to wear as much luck as possible when creating this items, it will help to find better end game gear.

  Virtue Coins Vendors

     Virtue Coins are a little harder to come by on the Singularity - UO free shard. In the standard game this program allows players to earn random items after earning so much virtue by slaying monsters in the world, but on the Singularity - UO free shard players will instead recieve Virtue Coins which can be spent at the Virtue Coins Vendor. There is a Virtue Armor set available at this vendor as well, and each piece will have 3 additional random magical properties applied to it when purchased, making it a very powerful late game set for players to make use of.

     There are other deco rewards and useful items for sale as well at all the vendors mentioned here, and as new items make their way into the world, they will surely be sold by some of these vendors as well.

Daily Coins Vendor & Lichess

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Daily Coins Vendor

  Found near the West Bank of Britain

     This vendor is special in that the currency available here has a maximum limit that can be earned each day, and there are two ways to earn them:

  1. Paragons: all Paragons in Felucca Dungeons drop daily coins when you kill them. They will be added directly to your backpack when the monster is slain.

    There is a cap of 500 coins per day plus 500 additional coins per day for each VIP level up to level 9 for this method.

  2. Lichess puzzles: connecting your account to and solving chess puzzles.

    There is a cap of 2000 coins per day plus 2000 additional coins per day for each VIP level up to level 9 for this method. Also note that there are uncapped rewards from this method for every 100 MMR a player gains on their account or on their highest achieved puzzle. Last, be sure to claim these rewards frequently in game as we can only check a maximimum of the most recent 30 puzzles solved on lichess.

     Note, that VIP level is earned by purchasing Donation Coins which can be used for all sorts of in game rewards. Also, for every 1000 coins purchased, a player will earn 1 additional VIP level up to a maximum of VIP level 9 for these particular benefits.

     It may also strike you as odd that we would encourage everyone to play chess for rewards but the reason for this program is two fold:

  1. Gamification of Chess: one problem with games today is that they don't all exercise the mind in effective manners. So to allow players (and especially the parents of younger players) an option that will allow them develop their brain while still earning rewards in a game they enjoy, the gamification of chess is a fantastic option.

  2. Playing on a mobile phone: the second issue this solves is that it allows us to continue earning rewards in game from the comfort of our mobile phones, anywhere and anytime.

     In short, chess is a fantastic game that keeps our minds engaged and allows us to grow in our intellectual capacities in ways that other games simply do not. So by allowing players a path to do the things they love while exercising their brain at the same time, we are opening up a new world of opportunities for them. We realize some players might not like chess or be excited by the idea of this option but any rewards made available through this program can also be earned in other manners more suited for those players.

     For those of you interested in a gamified chess experience, please follow the following steps to get your account connected and begin earning Daily Coins through chess:

  1. Step 1: Sign up for a lichess account.

  2. Step 2: Create an API Access Token with Read puzzle activity enabled.

  3. Step 3: Use the in game command "[chess <APIAccessToken>" to connect your account to the API Access Token you created in step 2.

  4. Step 4: Use the in game command "[claim" to claim your in game rewards after solving puzzles, also note that there is a leaderboard next to the Daily Coins Vendor that you can compete in for the top spot!

Clean Up Britannia Vendor

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Clean Up Britannia Vendor

  Found near the West Bank of Britain

     This vendor is a bit more straight forward than the other two and this vendor has a special point system setup in the game which players can earn by simply throwing items away in trash barrels. Note that public trash barrels will not delete items for 3 minutes, and only the player who placed the item in a trashcan may pull it out of the trashcan. Also, if the trash barrel fills with 50 or mote items, everything will be deleted instantly. After the items have been cleaned up, the player who threw them away will be rewarded points based on the value of those items, and those points can be be used at the vendor shown in the image above to purchase an assortment of in game deco rewards and other useful items.