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PvP Rewards

By JarJarIsASith

     The Singularity - UO free shard in game PvP rewards are system are available in game as of Friday April 2nd 2021. Please take a minute to read through the content or watch the video below to get a quick run down on what the various pvp rewards systems in game have to offer.

    Competitive PvP rewards are broken into three categories: standard rewards that you earn after every match, tournament rewards, and seasonal rewards.

    First are standard rewards. These will be earned after every match and they consist of a combination of greater dungeon coins, experience for class levels and glyphs, and bonus rolls towards your weekly and monthly chests to earn those coveted end game tiered weapons. Win, lose or draw you will earn something, but winners earn about 50% more than losers of the matches, and a draw is worth something halfway between. In addition to these rewards, you will gain or lose mmr depending on the outcome of the match. This can help to open up better tournament and seasonal rewards for players.

Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shard - Standard PvP Rewards

    (the above image is after completing the daily quest to compete in 3 rounds of PvP which gives extra greater coins, exp, and singularity points, also I forgot to mention that singularity points can be earned as a standard PvP reward as well)

    To really put this into perspective for players, this reward system will keep players on par for earning greater coins and exp at close to the same amount they would earn farming in dungeons, perhaps even slightly more depending on the situations. Basically, for players that enjoy competitive PvP, this system is going to work out really well for you from a progression standpoint.

    Next are tournament rewards. The first reward is a custom hue deed exclusive to PvP. These are earned for participating in a tournament by completing at least the minimum number of matches required in that tournament, which are the time of release is just 4 matches, completing at least 7 matches will earn you one extra deed. Also, there are bonus greater dungeon coin and exp rewards for the top 3 winners, as well as a raffle item that everyone gets a chance at but wins give you 4 points, draws give you 3 points and losses give you 2 points towards potentially winning the item. Fri-Sun the raffle item is a tiered weapon based on your weekly item settings, and other days it is an extra reward hue deed.

Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shard - Tournament PvP Rewards

     Below is a list of the hues each rank will unlock for you. Note that the hues are set at the time the deed is created, and the highest ranked player on your account will be used to determine the hues the deed comes with. This rank is based on seasonal rank, which is the highest rank you have achieved throughout the season in any of the various PvP formats, FFA, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or XvX on any character on that account. The higher your seasonal rank is, the more hues you will have access to. These deeds can target all armor, weapons and clothing in the game and are trade-able to other players.

    Last, brings us the end of season rewards. Each year we will have a total of 4 PvP seasons. Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec. There will be rewards given out at the conclusion of these months, and a leaderboard on the website with historical data will be setup as a permanent reminder. Also, when the new year kicks in, there will be a hard MMR reset, moving everyone back to a starting MMR of 1200. As for physical rewards, each season that a player partipates in at least 200 matches (account wide), they will earn an ethereal mount converter, to create their own ethereal from any tamed mount in the game. And, they will also earn an ethereal reward hue deed, that they can permanently attach to any ethereal, and change that ethereals color to any of their unlocked PvP reward hues from that season, based on the highest ranked character the account has. We might throw in some more bonuses here as we go, but at the moment this is the plan. With this update patch that introduces the tournament system, we are going to begin counting matches towards this seasonal reward.

    Please remember that these rewards might also change depending on the circumstances, but generally speaking the idea of players being able to progress and earn fun cosmetics through competitive PvP will be key design point for these systems that will be respected.

     Author: JarJarIsASith, Singularity - UO free shard developer