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PvP Gearing And Nuances

By JarJarIsASith

    The Singularity - UO free shard has done some revamping on how certain in game mechanics function in PvP. Also there are some great tips that we have for gearing up and managing expectations as you delve into our competitive PvP system we have here.

Getting Ready For PvP

    Hello everyone, this is JarJarIsASith with UO Singularity bringing you a video about properly preparing for end game PvP in the battlegrounds.

    This guide is broken into a few sections:

1) First, nuances in PvP, what kind of special mechanics do we have here and why.

2) Second, gearing for PvP, what gear do I need to focus on for stepping up my impact level in PvP the most.

3) Third, managing expectations, how difficult will this be and what can I hope to achieve?

First lets talk about the nuances

    Some mechanics here differ quite a bit from traditional UO shards, so I would like to talk about these first.

    1) Poisoning - when you inflict poisoning on another player through any means, that player will immediately receive a poison immunity timeout that begins counting down. This is to reduce situations where players are inflicting poison so frequently that they become completely incapacitated in their ability to heal. Since poison blocks bandage heals, and it also blocks healing spells, it's important players have breathing room after they are cured. Note also that because immunity starts when you are poisoned, you need to cure fast to gain a window where you can heal up with spells and bandages. The higher level the poison is, the shorter the immunity window will be. Also note, that greater cure potions and arch cure both have seperate 15s windows where they cannot be used after using and they have 100% effectiveness against all poisons. This mechanic is in place to reward players that quickly remove poisons from themselves and their allies. Also note that some abilities and effects can heal through poisons and mortal strike abilities, but when a person heals through these effects they heal for 50% less.

    2) Magery Spam Penalties - there are three spells in game that have penalties for casting quickly in succession: greater heal, mini heal, and teleport. Greater heals effectiveness will reduce each time it is cast on a target by 10% if cast within a window of 3s. Teleport has a 5s cooldown after each use, and mini heal cast within 3s of another mini heal will increase in mana cost by 5. Note that some classes have fast mana regen mechanics that largely negate this last effect, like Thaumaturge, Spell Singer and Demonologist.

    3) On Hit Dispel - normally in Ultima Online this can be used to dispel summons, but in PvP when a player is hit with On Hit Dispel it will purge their protection spell and remove their ability to recast protection for 4s. This is primarly to ensure that dexxers can open up windows of opportunity to pressure mages in combat, in part of an ongoing effort to balance PvP mechanics and ensure Magery has to play reactively and use defensive cooldowns intelligently to play at a higher skill cap. Also remember that the protection spell here is instant cast, which also allows mages greater flexibility on when to toggle this on or off.

    4) Spellbooks - one really unique feature here on UO Singularity is that weapons can be infused into a spellbook and most of their properties are kept including on hit effects with exceptions for splintering and velocity. What this means is that mages can really upgrade the power they pack in PvP by making use of some of these effects.

Next, lets talk about gearing for PvP

    Most players think that they need a lot of amazing gear for PvP to be able to compete, but this is really not the case at all. Due to the fact that we have 96% normalization of all stats and a catchup mechanic that boosts players on the losing team to 100% of the stat cap, the amount of advantage that you gain by being in very high quality end game gear is minimal.

    However, there is one very important key point that players need to aim for starting out, and that is their choice of weapon. The reason for this is due to procs not being normalized in PvP. Before you get worried about this being a big barrier you should know that there is a vendor search feature in game that will allow you look for weapons that can accomodate your PvP needs very quickly, and just because a weapon isn't perfect, doesn't mean you can't compete, the difference between highly available starter gear and powerful end game weapons is not as large a gap as you might think. There have been quite a few players that made solid progress in PvP so far using a very basic setup and weapon. Also know that as you PvP and do other end game content, you'll get weekly rewards for tiered weapons that are the most powerful weapons available in game.

    So knowing this, you need to now think about what weapon is good in pvp. Most players starting out should look for weapons with high lightning on hit, dispel on hit, curse on hit, hit lower defense, hit lower attack, and splintering procs on the items. If you are a dexxer oriented fighter or have pets, then hit lower defense and splintering are very important, and if you are a mage, then hit lightning and hit lower attack are very important. The reason hit lightning is important for mages, is because mages need to convert end game weapons into spellbooks by combining a spellbook with a weapon to empower that book with additional stats from the weapon. Once converted, that weapon cannot gain more lightning procs through the end game glyph system.

    Also know that in general hit dispel is important for fighting against mages, and hit lower attack is important for fighting against dexxers, this is regardless of what class or playstyle you are using. Check out some examples of end game weapons our players are using for PvP below.

Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shards - Example PvP Weapon 1
Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shards - Example PvP Weapon 2
Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shards - Example PvP Weapon 3
Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shards - Example PvP Weapon 4
Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shards - Example PvP Weapon 5
Singularity - Ultima Online Free Shards - Example PvP Weapon 6

Last thing to talk about is management of expectations

    The most frequent issue I see in new players is that they really think that they will be able to go in guns blazing and be the best player on the server within a few matches.

    When they inevitably meet some resistance to this within their first few matches they immediately give up and say this class is weak, or that class is OP, etc. etc. And while there may be some truth to these statements, as 100% balance is very difficult to achieve in a game like this, you also can't expect to be an amazing player without practice and perfection of the mechanics and strategy involved. There are many ways to approach the PvP battlegrounds and many things to keep in mind and build awareness of. Even the best video game players in the world will lose matches when they start out on this journey. So while I can't really say anything to make you feel less bad about losing, I can say that you should always take the time to reflect on what you could have done better in those matches. This is the mindset that builds champions in any competitive endeavor in life, because giving up or blaming X Y or Z at the first sight of any resistance will not help you grow as a player. And also, the great thing about this server is that starting a new character for a different class is pretty easy to do. So if you really feel so strongly about a certain class being overpowered, you can prove that by simply playing as that class and demonstrating just how broken it truly is. Veteran players can usually have PvP ready characters within a day or two from what I have seen here, so there is nothing stopping players from making the best of these situations.

     Author: JarJarIsASith, Singularity - UO free shard developer