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UO Singularity Comprehensive Patch List

     On this page we will try to continue to deliver all of the patch notes related to updating and improving the game, to serve as a historical record for players to read through and understand how the game has evolved over time. For those of you interested in reading through the historical patch notes, below is a list of links to prior year development notes:

Patch notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Storage Amalgamator - can no longer be used while in Felucca.
  • Grubbers - should properly pack all house loots on creation.
  • Store bought house teleporter tiles no longer consume charges.
  • Hitching posts now also have unlimited charges.
  • Lajatang and other rare item types are hueable now.
  • Re-opening your class info gump during the first 30 seconds of a PvP match from the player info gump, will also re-open the last skill swap gump you had open.
  • Tool tip corrected in store for storage amalgamator.
  • Restock amounts will no longer be stuck at 1000 once set to 1000 and can be dropped back down.
  • Can no longer exit Ice through the moongate while PvP flagged, note that you can still enter Ice while flagged, you just cannot leave.
  • Monk - poisoned shuriken no longer grants a speed boost on use.
  • Maximum player paralyze duration has been moved to 4s from 6s.
  • Magic trap spells will no longer be removed from a container when used while in a PvP Battleground.
  • Double checked how logic functions on corpse opening - opening an "innocent" corpse should not flag a player grey, so if you see a grey player, it means they opened a corpse and took something or moved something in the corpse.
  • War Cleaver is now a 2s weapon, opening up further 2H options for Minstrels.
  • A new command has been added to the game "[forceffa" this is to allow players to flag matches as FFA only for a given time period, the reason I am adding this is so we can ensure that when there is a large skill disparity between newer players and veterans, we can force the matches to all be FFA, ensuring that those newer players have a chance to try to learn the ropes in a less imbalanced setup.

Patch notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • A number of bug fixes related to recent crashes have been added.
  • A number of general bug fixes have also been added.
  • Summoned grizzlies have more dex / str now.
  • Scroll Of Alacrity Books have been discontinued for sale in all locations - if you would like to exchange one that you have please send me a message in discord.
  • Enrage now no longer erroneously reduces dmg in PvE as well as PvP.
  • Blade Spirits AI reworked to choose better targets in PvP based on distance and preferring players.
  • Can now only access the UO Store while in town.
  • Pet damage is now being properly accounted for in PvP damage numbers on the final results screen.
  • AI Target commands added to [currenttarget and set to default to enemy target, so players can use this to target all kill commands.
  • PvP times for 7pm starts have been moved to 11pm-1am time slots for Tue / Thu. 7pm was not working out and I want to try some later time slots to see if this helps some players gain access, if it does, I will extend this to Saturdays as well possibly.

Treasure Map Amalgamator:

  • This item has been completely reworked into a "Storage Amalgamator" and this item is now going to be extremely useful to players.
  • It can now be used to target house signs (for processing all accessible secured chests in a house), secured chests, oneself (for processing your bank and backpack at once), one's backpack, or an item or container in your backpack.
  • Any item that can be stored within this will be stored within this, note that there are a number of rare items that will be stored which might have modified hues applied to them, these items will lose their hues if stored in the locker, only items that have been glyphed or items with 150+ luck will be protected from this, so look through your items to see if there are any special rares you would like to keep before using this because it can't be undone.
  • Also note that anyone who is a coowner of your house can use the tmap amalgamator on your house sign but it will only allow them to store items in coowner or lower priv containers. So please check your coowner lists and be careful of how you store items and who you give access to.
  • This item also can now be used to craft some items like, combined treasure maps up to 100x maps, and legendary power deeds by combining 100 ancient weapons that have been stored in the locker.
  • This item is still available for 1 million gcoins, and has also been added to the voting vendor and uo store because I want to ensure there is decent availability, they are priced fairly cheaply because I want this to be accessible as it is likely an item people will want to carry around on all their characters now.
  • The item "look" can now be modified with a convert option on left click, this will make it look like a book which is more manageable to have in inventory.
  • The items that get pulled in are account specific, so if you want to store everything on one account, you will need to have someone from that account do the amalgamating.

Pet Area Ability Nausea:

  • Reduced from 30s to 4s duration.
  • FC penalty moved from -5 to -2.
  • Defend / Attack / Weapon Speed reduction now -12 from -60.
  • Cooldown is a flat 60s.
  • Area of effect is 2 down from 4.
  • Mana cost reduced to 60 from 100.
  • This ability was overlooked for its impact in PvP and it is incredibly powerful there, I don't want to completely remove it from play but it defintely needs to be tuned down to more reasonable numbers.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Vollem - removed the mana shield ability that is causing their master to be killed on pet damage. I will rework this later once I get to doing a full taming rework.
  • "A Fallen A Fallen" weapons naming fix, also, there is now a random chance on killing a player during PvP battlegrounds to get a weapon named after them.
  • Mastery optimizations - I have added a global cooldown for all masteries so that commands will be registered at max once every second. I have optimized the code for processing gump updates for those with masteries on cooldown and reduced the update frequency to 4s from 1s minimum, but when a cooldown comes up again the updates should be immediate, as well as addressing other technical points for improvement. Mastery TX overhead messages have also been disabled and specific overhead messages have been added as indicators. I have disabled logging for these commands.
  • Test Realm Added - There is a test realm that has been setup to run on port 2592 on the same address as the primary server. This server will automatically pull a recent save around 4am each morning and automatically reboot, nothing you do on this server will be permanent so only use it for testing. I will add commands for players to access later on so they can test things out more easily.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Issue with restarts causing tournaments to not kick off has been corrected.
  • Greater Cure Potions - no longer cause casters to lose their spell target on use.
  • The Monk class is getting a general mini rework this patch to encourage eval int and magery hybrid play as a more viable option and rework how running bandages as a Monk plays out, enforcing some clear tradeoffs for different skills taken as 7th.

Healing Changes:

  • Cross healing other players with bandages in battlegrounds now incurs a penalty of 50%.
  • Bandage healing amounts have been moved from maximum of 43-72 to 40-69, a reduction of 3, this is for bandaging in all situations.
  • Bandaging dogpile mechanic has been added to boost self healing by +3 for every person beyond 1 attacking you up to +6 maximum.
  • Greater heal spell now has a dogpile mechanic where self healing gains +3 to the base heal for every person beyond 1 attacking you up to +6 maximum. Also, while 2+ players are attacking your greater heal debuff stacks are halved, meaning these debuffs will still be present but grow at a slower rate while being attacked by 2 or more players.
  • Bandage healing will now "take over" when used in conjuction with magery heals as your primary healing source, meaning if magery and bandages are used together, bandages will always be prioritized as the primary healing source.
  • Cross healing timeout has been raised from 6s to 12s, this should be fairly unimpactful overall but ensures that everything is caught properly.
  • The general issue these are targetting is the unkillable nature of dexxers in 1v1 situations and the difficulty mages have keeping themselves alive in sticky situations while being ganged up on, also, allowing slightly higher bandage healing while being attacked by 3 players at once should help to make 3v3 scenarios feel a little less lopsided when one team has all ranged and the other has all dexxers.

Monk Nerfs:

  • There is now an additional 50% penalty to mending strikes healing amount while using bandages as a primary healing source.
  • Empowered mediation heal - instead of scaling this based on dampening towards 50% later in fights, this is now a flat 50% while in pvp combat but unaffected by dampening and does not count as a magery source of healing any longer, this is a buff when being used with bandages, but overall should make monks more killable in the early portions of matches.
  • The overall issue monk has is they have many sources of healing: divine shield, mending strikes, empowered meditation, and potions can all be used to heal while on the run, so throwing bandages on top of this makes the class almost completely unkillable, so I am trying to move things in a direction where bandages might still be possible but there is a trade off for using them.
  • Absorbed damage and divine shielded damage have been added to monk healing totals during battlegrounds, so we can get a better view on overall healing amounts.

Monk Buffs:

  • Eval Int is no longer used for calculating greater heal, only magery for this class, similar to spellsinger.
  • Mediation skill grants SDI bonus in placce of inscription since this techically counts as musicianship which also does this.
  • Monks were originally designed to be a melee magery hybrid class, the problem I am seeing with how this plays out is that the magery side of the class is being completely ignored in favor of running the class as a pure dexxer, to help add more definition to the magery side of things, I am modifying this class in a similar manner to elementalist, where auto attack proc timeouts and proc reduction on spell casts no longer impacts this class, to encourage players to consider taking eval int as a 7th skill to allow for greater versatility.
  • The overall hope here with all these changes is that this class will become more flexible with how they can be played and feel less forced into bandages since they will be more equipped to be able to fight from range effectively as well, and there is a clear tradeoff between bandages and eval int.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • You can no longer customize houses while confirmed in a PvP queue, and you can no longer confirm a PvP queue while customizing a house. This is to prevent a bug with players not being pulled into PvP matches while customizing houses which is rare but has happened a few times.
  • Empty Bottles now also weigh 0.1.


  • First, monks no longer need to stand still while channeling empowered meditation, it will no longer break under any circumstances.
  • Second, monks now can only use swift strikes within 8 seconds of their last empowerment.
  • Last, monk can only absorb damage by standing still for the first second of their empowered medition, moving will cause the monk to no longer absorb damage.


  • T3 - The Chosen One - this ability has proven to be incredibly effective at enabling Zealots to secure kills through double smiting, to help balance a bit better I am moving the cooldown from 90s to 120s, so it will be a very costly way to potentially secure kills.


  • Campfire traps now arm after 1 tick instead of 2.


  • The penalty for passive meditation while wielding a ranged weapon no longer applied to elementalist. This class has struggled quite a bit to keep up in the mana department compared to other mage classes and I am looking to alleviate these penalties slightly, especially considering this class is the mage ranged hybrid class.

Critical Strikes In PvP:

  • Are being moved to 1.5x damage from 2x damage.
  • Juggernaut crit timeout duration is moving from 20s to 10s.
  • Rangers were being timed out for 20s here as well but this was unintended and has been removed.

New Dual Targeting System:

  • One of the big issues I have had as a player in UO is the ability to target enemies and friendlies with spells in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • Due to this, I have implemented a new dual targetting system where players you can cycle through nearby targets quickly and hold onto those targets and confirm spells on those targets.
  • These targets will appear on your mastery bar
  • [nearestfriendly - this command will cycle through nearby players that are considered friendlies, teammates or non-hostile players.
  • [nearestenemy - targets nearest hostile enemy mobile, prefering players while in pvp battlegrounds.
  • [currenttarget - this will target your current target on either your friendly target or enemy target depending on the spell or ability. Most spells and abilities that can target friendly targets will target friendly targets. The idea with this system is you can hold two targets at once and use one key press to do things like heal your ally or cast energy bolt on an enemy you have targetted. Note that if you have no enemy target set it will try to target the hostile ability on your current combatant. Masteries will prioritize enemies for spells that can be ground targetted like Thaumaturge Gravity Bombs, Monk Divine Entrapment, Regenerative Cocoon, etc. Unfortunately I have to choose one and I am erring on the side of offensive playstyles for Masteries that can dual target. So for some spells you might still need to target by cast clicking for some situations.
  • [targetself - this will target any ability or skill on oneself regardless of if it is a hostile or friendly ability.
  • Please note that these commands should be functional but consider them in a "beta" mode at the present time and I will be using them over the next few days to ensure they function well. If you use these you will want to be certain you don't have other macros ongoing that might interfere. Things like bandage macros or other in game macros could potentially cause issues. You also might need to insert "wait for target" steps in your ClassicUO macros to get the optimal behavior for some spells and abilities.

"Friendly" Target Spells And Abilities:

  • Bandage, Heal, Agility, Cunning, Cure, Strength, Bless, Wall of Stone, Arch Cure, Greater Heal, Paralyze Field, Invisibility, Reveal, Energy Field, Resurrection
  • Note that the reason for Paralyze Field and Wall of Stone targeting friendlies is that I believe these spells are more for defensive peeling so you can coordinate peels with teammates by using these spells.

"Enemy" Target Spells And Abilities:

  • Discordance, Peacemaking, Provocation, Explosion Pots, Clumsy, Feeblemind, Magic Arrow, Weaken, Harm, Fireball, Poison, Curse, Fire Field, Lightning, Mana Drain, Blade Spirits, Mind Blast, Paralyze, Poison Field, Dispel, Energy Bolt, Explosion, Mass Curse, Chain Lightning, Flamestrike, Mana Vampire, Mass Dispel, Meteor Swarm

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Faster casting penalty for ranged weapon use without the archery skill has been removed.
  • Penalties for proc chance on dps spell cast while wielding a non-spellbook weapon have been reduced from 50% reduction to 33% reduction, elementalist still gets full value.
  • Ranged weapons can now allow for spells to proc on cast again with the same 33% penalty.
  • Explosion procs will now move to lightning for all dps spell cast procs.
  • With these changes I am trying to ensure that mage weapon ranged playstyles have some better potential overall, with how powerful spell books currently are, most classes don't really have the ability to consider anything else, this should open up those doors a bit more.

PvP Tournament Times:

  • Moving Tue and Thu Tournament Times to 7-9pm Central Time, this is in the hopes of having some varied time slots that some people might be better suited for. I will keep an eye on these and if we have low turn out I might be forced to move it back to the later times. It's hard to get a nice timeslot setup for all timezones and with a 4 hour split across the US it is tough to find a good time zone for everyone.

Class Skills:

  • I have modified class skills so that they can no longer be lowered through any means. They cannot be swapped off with skill stones and they cannot be dropped by pointing the skill arrow down. The only exception to this is for zealot, juggernaut, and minstrel weapon skills. Those can be dropped in order to pickup and replace with other skills. The reason for this change is only due to the fact that I need this check in place to streamline class based calculations on the server side for performance enhancement purposes. Also, there is no reason to ever drop class skills unless a player is attempting to do something unintended anyhow.


  • Critical Strikes for punishing rage now require the Juggernaut to have 90.0+ skill in a melee weapon type being used, mage weapon does not count. This is being changed for calculation streamlining purposes.

Reflect Physical:

  • Calculations have been changed to calculate as if the player is at 70 physical resistance regardless of armor ratings and debuffs.
  • Calculation has been capped to a maximum of 10 reflect damage vrs players.

Greater Heal In PvP:

  • I have moved debuff stacks to sit on the Caster rather than the heal recipient, this is generally to help combat pocket healing in general and punish players for doing nothing but sitting back and healing.
  • Stacks up to 5 still reduce the amount by 10% per stack, beyond 5 will now also increase the cast time of greater heal by 0.1s up to a maximum of 0.5s, the timeout duration is still 4s. Elementalist and SpellSinger both have abilities that reduce greater healing cast times, while these abilities are active they do not incur this cast time penalty.
  • Mini heal spell does not incur any of these penalties but it will extend the duration of the timeout if a timeout penalty is in effect.

Wall Of Stone:

  • Durations have been set to 4 seconds for all wall of stone spells and abilities. This should be more than enough time to peel or block players.

Spell Timeouts:

  • Spells have now all been moved from 30s to a 5s targetting timeout, meaning you have 5s to cast a spell after gaining the target for a spell. Due to this change, the preload penalty after 5s for holding explode has also been removed.

Click Targeting Issue Work Around:


  • Auto tracking will no longer spam targets with tracking after it is initially tracked if you are at the tracking skill cap.

PvP FFA Opt In / Out Option:

  • This option is now available on the player info gump.
  • It works by giving players "buys" based on the number of players that are set opted out. It should be reasonably fair with how it allows players to sit out of matches and should ensure that players typically dont end up in situations where they get rotated out multiple times in a row unless they are the only player with FFA opted out.
  • The reason this for this option, is to ensure we can get more constructed team matches, because these matches are overall more fun and better suited for the game play as we have it setup now. Also, many players just don't like FFA and many classes are not well suited for it. Hopefully in time I can revisit FFA game modes and make something more fair, fun, and balanced. I am also leaving FFA in though because sometimes people just want to finish their matches and I need to allow for players to be in control of this so they can finish the tournaments. If enough players opt out of FFA this shouldn't really be an issue, but sometimes people are in a time crunch and they want to finish up asap without getting bumped.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Potion weights all updated to 0.1 on existing potions as well as new.
  • Reviewed the Hex spell - yes it can hit non player units, it has a different functionality when that happens, there should be nothing preventing it from being cast at range 10 or less.
  • Critical strike chance - has been normalized to 20% at level 300 + max class skill for all weapons.
  • Ranger - relentless volley - has been changed to 60% critical strike increase for 6 seconds in PvE.
  • Ranger - an issue with grizzly causing critical strikes to no longer be possible has been corrected to ensure this pet is an exception to critical strike rules, remember that critical strikes do not function when you have more than 1 control slot, ranger summoned grizzly will be the only exception to this now as this was overlooked in the design here.
  • Gold hue 2498 was moved to hue 1926.
  • Master of Beasts - the beast within - this ability is just so incredibly powerful that I can't really justify keeping it in the current state, once it has been activated there is almost no way to prevent dying to it as it can outdps most healing in the game. It is capable of dealing 230 dmg on a single target compared to other abilities like demonic form which while has better consistency with dps, can only deal roughly 100 damage at best. The average dmg of the ability should come out at 128 as well which is still higher than demonic form while preventing death, teleporting and blasting dmg through defensives as well. So in an effort to bring this more in line I am moving it back to the original 25 direct damage per hit. Which gives an average of 95 for the duration and a maximum of 170. Which should still be incredibly powerful and more than enough to allow tamers to exert a lot of pressure with this cooldown.
  • Pet poisoning - pets can no longer inflict lethal poisons on players, these will be downgraded to deadly poison.
  • Zealot - talents that give more healing to zeal usage have been modified to grant +8 down from +10 and +8 instead of a multiplier of 2x. This should help to curb how impossible this class has been to kill in and makes it slightly less capable of aoe healing in PvE as well.

Healing in PvP:

  • There are a number of changes coming into effect for healing in pvp.
  • First, for calculating cross healing a new mechanism has been added: primary healing sources. Bandages and Spells (heal, greater heal, monk on hit and med effects) are the only sources that can be considered primary. When you use a primary healing source, you will be locked to that source until you do not heal through any means for 6 seconds (not counting natural regen / campfire buffs, etc.).
  • Your current locked primary healing source is no longer impacted by cross healing effects, but if you use the other non-locked effect, instead of the normal 50% penalty it will be increased to 25% of the healing value. For example if you complete a bandage then 2s later attempt to cast a greater heal on yourself, you will heal for 25% of the normal amount for that greater heal, but for 100% of the bandage. This is primarily to discourage players from running bandages and heals / greater heals together. Casting heal spells or bandaging other players does not count as a spell healing source and will not be penalized in this manner. This is intended to begin curbing the dexxer live lording through bandages + magery that can be abused by a number of classes, and it also gives mages a small bump up, it also makes cross healing less penalized overall due to your primary healing source not incurring these penalties. Magery and Bandages can heal for enourmous amounts so doubling up on these effects is almost a requirement in the current state of the game. This change should make doing so much riskier to the point where I think pure dexxers might not want to take magery as a 7th skill at all. This also discourages Monks and Elementalists to consider running bandages in their 7th slots as these classes are intended to heal through spells, and this also encourages players that want additional healing to consider spirit speaking, and punishes players less for using potions and SS as additional healing sources.
  • Bandage Dampening - there were some issues with Bandage Dampening not causing bandages to actually dampen when they should have, this is one of the primary reasons dexxers have been able to live lord so effectively recently. This has been corrected, also, the bandage dampening timer has been reduced from 2-4 seconds to 0-2 seconds if no penalty was incurred or 2-4 seconds if a penalty was incurred, this means that players will want to reset if they accidentally pick up a dampening penalty. The bandage dampening amount has been moved from 50% to 75% of the heal amount. Meaning you will only lose 25% of the healing amount while in dampening. Also, while in dampening you will now see a buff bar indicator but if the dampening effect has a 0 second penalty, instead you will see an overhead indicator [-Bandage Dampening]. Overall these changes are designed to ensure dexxers not simply afk healing on a timer, or if they are then there is some penalty in place, also this means players that watch their dampening states can min max slightly better than others.
  • There are a lot of changes all coming in at once so I might have to pull back on some of these, but overall I feel this should bring healing disparity between dexxer and non-dexxer playstyles to a more even state and we should see that dexxers are slightly more killable now as well.


  • GM or higher alchemy will allow you to use healing potions while wielding a weapon (remember to set a macro in game to consume the potion if u have razor setup to unequip for potions).
  • This skill now also scales stamina potion effects by up to 100% effectiveness at 120.0 skill.
  • These changes are designed to make this a possible alternative to other 7th skill choices for some playstyles.


  • Hard cast spells now can proc at 100% of their normal amount while wielding ranged or melee weapons. Explosion on hit effects however will be converted to lightning for procs that originate from spells. This change is designed to target the fact that elementalists have been having a lot of trouble lately keeping up in the dps department with other classes. The only real option I feel I have atm is to run a spellbook or alternate between books and weapons which kind of defeats the fundamental role this playstyle is supposed to fulfill. This change should be incredibly impactful for players that are able to juggle the two and I wouldn't be surprised if this pushes them over the top into "OP" territory in PvP. Once the dust settles from this change I am probably going to look into converting their summons into a single beefier and more powerful 4 slot elemental rather than 2 single slots.


  • If a player gets caught in a Ranger's trap, the Ranger's next successful attack against that player within 10 seconds will cause a critical hit at 100% chance.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • The custom hue gumps in game now have a link to the site page for that hue.
  • The following weapons now have a range of 9: crossbow, repeating crossbow, heavy crossbow. Due to how prevalent and explosive melee fighters have become on the shard, I want to push things in a better overall balance direction for other playstyles. A range of 7 makes a weapon largely useless in pvp and even the loss of 1 tile is fairly punishing, so I want to try this change to help ensure players have options for weapons, and to start closing the gap.
  • Ranger - multishot no longer causes players to lose their current target, also CD reduction calculated based on enemies fired at rather than enemies hit now and there was a bug in calculating the reduction that was fixed as well. Also multishot and rapid fire damage reduction penalty has been reduced from 40% to 20%.
  • PvP Match Time Lengths - for larger matches the total match length has been significantly reduced, we should now expect these larger matches to take roughly 7-8 minutes in general.
  • On Hit Dispel - the timeout before being able to recast protection has been reduced to 2s from 4s. This mechanic has proven to really keep mages on their toes when fighting at close range against dexxers which is a good thing. But also, mages have been really struggling to keep up in PvP as well, so I am hoping that this helps to ensure that mages find themselves in better positioning in larger fights.
  • EvalInt is now also used to calculate 25% of greater healing amounts. We have a few classes that have fairly endless options for healing that make them almost impossible to kill which I am going to slowly take baby steps towards correcting. Right now being a dexxer and taking magery is incredibly powerful, and with this change it will still be pretty strong, but I want things to move towards players being less able to adopt unkillable playstyles in pvp. This change does not affect spell singers, since their pool of skill choice is already fairly shallow.
  • Potion weights have been lowered from 1.0 to 0.1, meaning you can carry a lot more potions with you than previously. This is mostly aimed at making dexxers feel less bad about pveing on the shard, I will consider further adjustments later but for now this should at least make it so you dont need a house run every 15 minutes of game play.
  • Mage Tamers - Spell copy ai has been improved so they attempt to cast copies without having to first gap close and be in melee range.
  • Players now correctly earn class exp in battlegrounds and below level 300, rather than glyph / account exp. This should make it easier to level up alts through PvP only which is how it was originally before this bug was introduced.
  • Character Status Info gump - there is now a refresh button instead of a close button. You can right click to close.
  • PvP Matches - when a PvP match kicks off, there will be a notification sent to #general and #the-pvp-channel in discord.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Axe weapons can now have poisons applied.
  • Dread spiders can now come with 268-432hp, up from 118-132, this is to bring this pet more into the fold as potentially a viable option for mage oriented tamers, also resists have been raised and max poison resist is now 70.
  • Hooded Shroud Of Shadows has been given a static name that doesnt change when the item is swapped to look like other robes, so you don't lose track of it.
  • Transparent Llamas now stay transparent when converting to other ethereal mounts.

Master of Beasts:

  • While the beast within is active, spell procs from weapons no longer occur, but the damage for this ability has been raised and there is now a 100% chance to proc area fire damage to compensate for this. This ability is one of the most powerful in the game, and I want it to be balanced for both mage and dexxer playstyles without forcing mages to use melee weapons while in this form. Also, having splintering proc while in this makes it a little too easy to run players down, hopefully this gives us a decent balance.
  • Added overhead indicators for tamers running the magery build so they can tell easily when their pets are copy casting.

Poisoning and Poison Immunity Timeouts:

  • For PvP, the Poison immunity timeout has been raised 1 second. Also, there is now a minimum 4 second window where players cannot be poisoned after curing a poison with greater cure potions or with arch cure. The problem many players have been facing with this mechanic, is that they fall behind with curing themselves during combat then end up in a cycle where they are perpetually poisoned with no possibility to break the chain unless they cure back to back. There is still a much longer timeout window if you cure the poisons quickly, but this should help players recover when they fall behind.

Hue Deeds & Shop Pigment Applicators

  • These have been reworked to now always show a gump before applying to any item.
  • In this gump there will be example items that you are wearing or mounts you are riding that are hued to the color you have selected to apply.
  • As with any change that effects the shop, if you have any issues due to this change please just come talk to me and I will help sort it out.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Monk - Hex - this range on this ability is functioning fine but remember that LoS is required and cannot be used on players in polymorph effects, including elemental transformation.
  • Latest Tournament results as well as a players latest match results are available for view through through pvp leaderboard gump now, so if you miss the results for whatever reason you can access them there. Also players with at least one match will be sent the results now as well

Shop Updates:

  • I haven't messed with the shop much since we started UO Singularity but when I think about how it is setup as a player, it doesn't seem that fun to me and I feel like it's hard to decide on what to buy because I don't really know if I will like it. Also I think players that spend even 10 dollars should be able to get a really nice item that they can be sure will last for their whole time here. For this reason I am trying to converge items into single purchases that can be toggled to similar versions of the same item type starting with robes and mounts.
  • Robes - Hooded Shroud Of Shadows, Hooded Britannia Robe, and Commemorative Robe have been reworked into a new single store robe that can be converted into any of the other store robes by double clicking. The Hooded Shroud Of Shadows and other store robes can be converted by left clicking and selecting the convert option. The shrouded robe now has the ability to convert back and forth between the shroud and regular robe to take your hood on and off. Any players that have purchased more than one robe for a single character can exchange these or get a refund if they would like, just send me a message and I will help to sort it out. To convert robes, double click them or single left click and toggle between shroud mode and regular robe modes.
  • Ethereal Mounts - these can now also be converted between all the available mounts in the store. The only thing that cannot be converted is the hue. So transparent mounts will be transparent mounts, regular unhued mounts will remain unhued. And chameleon mounts will all be chameleon mounts. Remember that later on I am planning to add rewards that will allow players to hue mounts based on unlocked hues for competitive PvP, and I am of course going to implement a similar reward system for PvE as well. Just like the robes, if anyone has purchased multiple mounts that they would like to be refunded for or make exchanges please just contact me and I will help sort things out. Also, all ethereal mounts no longer use any control slots.
  • For both mounts and robes, the name of these items will not change on conversion and I am intentionally keeping it this way.
  • These are the first of these types of changes and I will likely continue to take the shop in this direction moving forward. I feel this is an important standard to set for all UO Free Shards. Shops designed to extract thousands of dollars from players is not what gaming should be about.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Custom hue reward deeds for pvp and dye tubs have the hue number displayed on selection now.
  • Add a nice blue shade to silver to hopefully compliment some of the orange hues in there.
  • ICE speed tiles - going to set these up a little better, there will be a sparkle effect overhead for them and now stepping within 1 tile of the rune marker will give a speed boost as well.
  • Bug fix where non-juggernaut players were able to critical strike on their first hit in pvp has been corrected.
  • Protection Spell - this is now always a zero second cast time.
  • Wild Staff - this is now 11-14 damage up from 10-13, in its current state it is a completely useless weapon, this makes itemizing monks quite a bit easier as well.
  • Poisoned messages are being reduced to a basic form: Lesser Normal Deadly etc. This is in an effort to help squeltch more spam and make situations more easily understood.

Balance Changes:

  • Master of Beasts - The Beast Within - a bug has been corrected where the tamer drops to low health after use even while at full health at the end of this form. This ability now also has an overhead indicator when used. This ability has been reduced from 10s to 8s in PvP, and this ability no longer gives mounted movement speed on use. Attack range during this form has been reduced to 5 from 10.
  • Demonologist - Demonic Form - attack range during this form has been reduced to 5 from 10. This ability now also has an overhead indicator when used.
  • Minstrel - Phantom Form - this ability now has an overhead indicator when used.
  • Thaumaturge - archonic will will now lasts 8s reduced from 10s.
  • Monk - Thought Cleanse - now has a 45s timeout in between uses during PvP combat.
  • Peacemaking - now properly no longer causes players to lose their target when frozen by this ability.
  • These two abilities are incredibly strong both offensively and defensively so I want to ensure that there is more risk when using them and more possibility of escape from these as well.
  • Juggernaut - Stone Form and Unstoppable Assault - these now also give the Juggernaut the ability to break stone walls and energy fields by walking through them, occassionally they will make proclaimations regarding this fact.
  • Elementalist - There have been a number of issues plaguing this class and making their playstyle seem quite a bit less appealing than other alternatives. For this reason a number of changes are now in place to hopefully bring this class up a notch in gameplay and feel. There are now multiple masteries that grant this class the ability to walk through stone walls and energy fields. Their T3 masteries grant them the ability to cast stone wall and energy field with a 0.5s reduced cast time for the full duration of these abilities. Their T1 elemental entrapment has been significantly improved by adding a 6s defensive buff that reduces damage by 25% per player attacking them, similar to archonic will and resilience. Also, the mage caster hybrid penalties no longer affect this class, this has been done due to the fact that this class has been struggling fairly hard in the dps department lately. And last, there is now a way for them to recover mana by good use of elemental lash, each lightning strike now restores 10 mana back to the caster.
  • A number of defensive abilities have been given overhead indicators on use and on end, so players can better adapt to the situation.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • We had several crashes today, some related to new features recently and others related to servUO general bugs, we have patched these ones.
  • Also, there are now also 9-11pm CT tournaments on sat / sun each week.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • The item rarity calculations have been cleaned up a bit, this should cause more items to float a little higher than were previously.
  • Also, a final rarity tier of "Mythical" has been added.
  • Greaters no longer run away.
  • Bandages no longer consume during battlegrounds.
  • Squeltched healing messages and effects from all damage eaters.
  • PvP hue deed rewards are now based on the highest achieved rank on the account for the season, allowing players to play their alts more easily.
  • New Deed Added to Greater Coins Vendor: Double Glyph Exp Deed for 30 days, this stacks with the normal 2x deed to allow players better glyphing speeds on alts and backlogged characters.
  • New Vendor: "The Rich Man's Friend" will be added near the vendor area in Britain, this will be our first gold only vendor that has only a few items but these items are quite useful to end game players, and also they are quite expensive, these items are available on the greater coins vendors as well, but priced 16 : 1 gold to greaters conversion. I want to make sure players have something they might be able to possibly spend their end game gold on without turning that into currency that trumps greater coins. I will probably expand this vendor's assets over time with end game oriented items.

Balance Changes:

  • Juggernaut - lowering the crit timeout in pvp from 30s to 20s.
  • Berserker - executioner's reach - give overhead indicator on use so others can see.
  • Berserker - Freyas blessing PvP timeout lowered to 2s for players and 10s for player pets during pvp combat.
  • Berserker - resilience - changing the pvp mechanic to grant 25% reduction per target that is currently engaged against you, up to a maximum of 75% determined by who dealt 10+ damage to you in the last 5s.
  • Thaumaturge - archon - changing the pvp mechanic to grant 25% reduction per target that is currently engaged against you, up to a maximum of 75% determined by who dealt 10+ damage to you in the last 5s.
  • Thaumaturge - flamestrike no longer cascades in pvp. The damage for this class is still incredibly over the top and oppressive to fight against and I am continuing to hone it into more reasonable territory here without completely dismantling the class.
  • Thaumaturge - paralytic mine field - damage moved from 35% of normal to 25% of normal damage.
  • Master of Beasts - the beast within pvp duration bug was corrected to now ensure this ability lasts 10s as stated, the PvE duration was also bugged and corrected to 20s.
  • Monk - mending strikes throughput moved timeout moved from 3s to 4s. Improved Mending now gains 5-10% additional proc chance based on weapon speed, slower weapons gain more proc chance.

New Mechanic: Dogpile Modifier

  • Theres a number of difficulties that create problematic issues of engagement and survival for both FFA and team scenarios in pvp that we have seen. It's very easy to gang up on players with impunity in many situations in general, and ranged dps has significant advantages when grouped together in larger teams. This creates an issue where melee has a hard time even being able to engage in the fights at all. To help alleviate these various situations, we are now tracking the last three players that have dealt damage to someone through any means (minimum 10 damage to register this effect), players that have been attacked by 2 players within the last 5 seconds gain a 15% damage reduction, and players that have been attacked by 3 or more players in the last 5 seconds will gain a 30% damage reduction. This should help facilitate better engagement into ranged dps for melee, and give players being ganged up on in FFA scenarios better chances of survival in general. This is only for battlegrounds, not open world pvp.

Mechanic Change: Spell Fizzle

  • There is now a timeout of 1.2s before a player can be fizzled again after initially being fizzled, this is to help balance fast attack speed playstyles vrs slow attack speed and also to give casting in general a better feeling with all the potential fizzle sources in pvp.
  • While in this fizzled state for 1.2s, faster casting cap and value will be 2 max, ensuring there is punishment of some sort for being repeatedly fizzled.

Mechanic Change: Teleport

  • For 5s after casting Teleport, instead of consuming more mana, this spell will go on cooldown for 5s.

Mechanic Change: Peacemaking On Self

  • This no longer causes players to lose targets and exit war mode when used in pvp situations.

Mechanic Change: Cure Pots and Spells

  • For battleground pvp, lesser and normal cure pots or spells no longer have delays between next use, but greater cure pots and arch cure still do.

Mechanic Change: Poison Effects

  • For PvP, the immunity timer after being poisoned has been extended by 1s.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Pvp tournaments - changed the system to set to calculate winners based on their first 7 matches in the tournament. Completing all 7 matches also earns an extra hue deed. This change is due to the length of the tournament and to allow players to take breaks or swap characters at their leisure. Being forced to play for a full 2 hours straight is difficult for a lot of players and we want to make sure no one is being overwhelmed with feeling pressured to do so.
  • FFA match lengths - have been lowered by a decent amount.
  • PvP Results Gump now displays how many matches you have completed so you know when to switch characters if you'd like to.

New Feature: Item Rarity System

  • Armor, Hats and Jewelry found in game now come with a hued rarity + quality percentage in place of the old artifact rarity that used to be displayed on items.
  • The way this is calculated, is that each worthwhile roll (excludes luck, nightsight, etc.) is divided by the total possible roll available and an average of those qualities is displayed as a total quality percentage. In addition to this, a rarity hue and name is assigned based on the number of total higher quality affixes that were assigned to the item. The hues follow a similar hue pattern to our ranking system for PvP.
  • The goal of this system is to help players identify quality glyph candidate items with just a glance at the items.
  • Special thanks to Spellfyre for thinking up this system and sharing it.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • On spell cast procs have their proc penalty while wielding a melee weapon reduced to 50% of value rather than 20%, this is an effort to move these potential builds to more viable footing.
  • Adding ICE dungeon speed boost points throughout the dungeon to help traverse to different locations faster if you fall behind or show up late.
  • Corrected the PvP issue with on kill speed boosts not occuring, but also changed the duration to 4s instead of 8s.
  • Added a new deed to remove requirements for armor, hats and weapons.
  • Bug with spell singers not being able to have more than 6 active blade spirits while together in pairs has been fixed.
  • Summons for elementalists and demonologists now have corpses removed on death to reduce clutter.

PvP Daily Tournaments:

  • This functionality is now live and the first tournament will be tonight at 9pm central time.
  • This also marks the start of the first season of PvP, there will be no MMR resets and I will give an update in the coming weeks regarding the seasonal rewards once they have been all setup.
  • Matches for this season will begin recording as of this patch, there will be a minimum number of matches played in order to get end of season rewards, probably somewhere in the 100-200 matches territory account wide over the course of 3 months, there might be rewards at different numbers of matches as well like 100, 150, 200 minimums. This is still not 100% set in stone but the matches will count towards this and the number wont go higher than 200.
  • Checkout the PvP rewards page for more information.
  • Checkout the homepage for the daily tournament schedule, if you want to have a special timeslot let me know, I am planning to make adjustments to the schedule to better fit the population where I can.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • The majority of this patch is dedicated to bringing the 3rd and final tier of masteries to all classes, please see the class page for information on all changes.
  • This work was a fairly tremendous effort considering that we have added a total of 66 unique abilities to the game, and with it, brings a new layer of complexity and engagement to the players of the UO Singularity world in both PvE and PvP formats.

Voting Rewards:

  • Several new items have been added to the voting vendor.

Mastery Cooldown Gump:

  • A new gump for tracking mastery cooldowns has been added to the game.
  • This gump shows the state of your mastery abilities and can be used to cast them as well.
  • To start, I am setting this gump to always active because these are now such a vital part of the tame, it will also give players hot links to masteries and class info, once you first unlock your class it will appear on the screen and at login. I'll consider having a disable option or only in combat option for it later on down the road.

Pet Changes:

  • Tameables: Skeletal Dragon has had its base damage upgraded to match other prominent 3 slots. Remember, that in addition to this there are internal calculations that give highest tier pets (nightmare, skeletal dragon, ancient wyrm, and frost dragon) innate advantages over other pets. Also remember that ancient wyrms and frost dragons can come overcapped with wrestling and tactics. So if you tame a good one they should be very strong pets. To give these highest difficulty tameables another small boost, I have added a flat defensive scaling of 10% in PvE.
  • Frost Dragon - modified bleed attack to mortal strike.
  • Ancient Wyrm - modified bleed attack to double strike.
  • Also remember, that to get tameables with these new abilities and changes, youll need to kill the current spawns first to get them.
  • Animal Lore - I have added offense and defense scaling percentages to this panel. These are multipliers on pet damage or mitigation of damage. These are internal values that I have setup to be able to nerf pets without forcing players to re-tame new versions. Also remember that 1 slot pets come with hefty internal penalties that won't be displayed here, generally speaking 1 slot pets are difficult to make use of on the server.
  • Guard Command - this command no longer functions for players on units that have been tamed unless they have no class or are a master of beasts. Does not affect summons.


  • Players no longer lose their class abilities when becoming a murderer, these players are now treated the same as anyone else for class calculations.
  • Murderer penalties for death have been added - when a murderer dies they now lose their class functionality for 2 hours for all characters on that account. They can still play the game but lose access to their class bonuses and masteries. Battleground deaths do not trigger this effect, but this effect will impact their class abilities and mastery use during battlegrounds if they join while this penalty is active.
  • Originally the class system was not properly balanced for PvP, which is why we had these stricter rules in place regarding class functionality as a murderer. Since much of the PvP foundation has been laid out now, I believe we are in a position to lift these restrictions. It's already difficult on this server for murderers due to the complexity of the pvp, and the fact that players naturally band together in dungeons. I will keep an eye on things and might introduce protections for newer players that dont yet have classes established or are lower level than other players if we end up in situations where murderers are causing too many issues for new players.

Other Changes:

  • New feature: when attempting to use a skill or ability that requires an instrument, the game will attempt to pick one at random from your base backpack if you have not yet set the instrument. Cooldown for this is 1 hour since it is mostly designed to have players less annoyed after restarts.
  • Dungeons: Mounted movement speed is no longer allowed in all dungeons. BEFORE you get upset, know that there is also a new feature added: on kill movement speed boost for 8 seconds (reduced to 4 seconds while engaged in PvP combat or as a murderer), only works when killing non-players and non-player controlled units. This is to hopefully allow players to move through dungeons more quickly, but forcing them into slightly more difficult situations at the same time. Essentially it increases the danger on the server in dungeons. This was done by modifying how the move speed conversions are performed in the game rather than the easy way by simply disabling mounts completely. The reason for this is because mounts are a nice fun cosmetic to have available that I wanted to preserve. The battle grounds will still strictly have mounts disabled, but I may at one point decide to lift this.
  • New effect: "silence" this effect will interrupt and prevent spells from being cast. This does not include spirit speaking or masteries. For now most silence abilities last for a duration of 4.0s and there are no diminishing returns on silence effects. Most abilities that silence must be cast while the target player is physically casting a spell. For this reason, it is possible for players to fake cast spells by cancelling the cast early through razor macros.
  • DI added to the stats details panel.
  • The following masteries have been modified to remove the targeting requirements and improve functionality: Blood For Blood, Smite, Protective Focus, and Poisoned Shuriken. Other minor improvements and reworks to masteries have also been made, so it might be good to re-read your class abilities.
  • Blood For Blood has been further improved to make it more enticing for use and hopefully to allow spell singers greater versatility in playstyles and builds.
  • Fixed Candelabra of Souls and a few other deco item paragon drops with hue reset issues.
  • Aegis Of Grace and Helm of swiftness can now be glassified.
  • Server Auto Restarts between 4-5am on Friday Mornings will now begin. This restart only occurs if 24 hours have passed since the previous restart.
  • When damage from a player of 15 or more has been negated due to empowered meditation or regenerative cocoon there will be an overhead message to indicate this.
  • Singularity and Soul Shield respec deeds have been added to greater coins and daily coins vendors.
  • ICE Bosses will now always spawn in the front room, this change is mostly to ensure now that we have no mounted move speed, players can make it into ICE and join up more easily part way through.
  • Mining - this skill now grants toughness, +1 max hp per 10 skill once a player has reached at least 50.0 skill.
  • The original treasure goblin has been re-released, he is very rare, 1/100 chance to spawn on a paragon kill but has a garaunteed lesser artifact drop. He's tough, so be careful if you find him.
  • I have adjusted the skill gain difficulty for players with skills closer to the skill cap to ensure that gains while in Felucca should be slightly higher than they currently are.


  • A compiled list of masteries can be read through below:

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Demonologist

  • [Wall Of Flame (60s CD)] - Summon a rolling wall of flamestrikes that will cast a scaled flamestrike and splinter any enemies hit by it. The damage increases based on distance the wave has travelled up to the full value of a flamestrike as if cast by the Demonologist. Damage against non-players is doubled. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Demonic Form (60s CD)] - You transform into a demonic being at target location for 20s (6s in PvP), gaining +2 mana per regen tick, 20% absorption for the duration. While this spell is active, you also gain an attack range of 10 and instead of auto attacking you cast spells at your enemy with each attack. Auto attacks will alternate a spell rotation of fireball, lightning, energy bolt, chain lightning. These spells consume mana and are not prevented by silence effects. Your Balron deals 50% less damage in PvP during this ability. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Berserker

  • [Enrage (60s CD)] - Your melee attack speed doubles for 10s, during this time your melee attack damage is lowered by 30% against players. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Grappling Hook (60s CD)] - Pull target enemy within a range of 10 to your location and freeze non-players for 6s (players will be paralyzed for 1s). If the target was a player casting a spell, they are interrupted and silenced for 4s. They also will attempt to have their protection spell on hit dispeled. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Juggernaut

  • [Crippling Shout (60s CD)] - Any player within a range of 5 is interrupted if they are casting a spell. If successfully interrupted, they are also silenced for 4s. They also will attempt to have their protection spell on hit dispeled. Non-players instead will have their damage reduced by 25% for 10s. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Protective Focus (60s CD)] - For 10s half of all damage to nearby lowest health friendly player in a range of 10 tiles is dealt to you instead, if that damage is from a non-player, then the damage is reduced to zero and completely mitigated. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Spell Singer

  • [Song of Discordance (60s CD)] - Play the Song of Discordance for the next 60s, applying to all allies within a range of 10 when cast. Affected allies gain +1 HP per regen tick. For the first 20s of the song your flamestrike spells will attempt to cast discordance on your target without using the cooldown and you gain musicianship as eval int. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Song of Provocation (60s CD)] - Play the Song of Provocation for the next 60s, applying to all allies within a range of 10 when cast. Affected allies gain +1 mana and +1 stam per regen tick. For the first 20s of the song your flamestrike spells will attempt to cast provocation on your target without using the cooldown and you gain musicianship as eval int. Note, that in PvP this will still attempt to auto provocate disarm enemy players. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Master of Beasts

  • [The Beast Within (60s CD)] - Gain mounted movement speed for 4s and transform into a 3+ control slot pet within a range of 10 that you control for 10s (20s PvE). You gain 20% absorption and 100hp. Your auto attacks gain a range of 7 and will now cause 1.25s speed breath attacks, dealing damage based on HP remaining when targetting a non-player, and deal 25 unmitigated damage against players. You lose the temporary hit points when this ability ends but cannot drop below 1 hp. Killing a non-player enemy unit will grant mounted movement speed for 8s. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Pacification (45s CD)] - This skill can be used on a creature or player to use the peacemaking skill with 100% success chance on them. When used on a player, peacemaking inflicts a short duration freeze effect. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Elementalist

  • [Elemental Barrier (60s CD)] - Gain +20% absorption and +35 max HP for 30s. When this ability ends you retain the bonus HP gained so long as they do not exceeed your max HP. (Cost Mana: 10) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Elemental Protection (60s CD)] - Gain improved protection for 30s (your spells cannot be interrupted and protection cannot be on hit dispeled). For the duration of this buff, your greater heal spell cast time is reduced by 0.25s. (Cost Mana: 10) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Thaumaturge

  • [Archonic Will (60s CD)] - Gain the will of the Archon for 10s. During this ability you cannot move but you reduce all incoming damage by 25% from players and 75% from non-players, gain 4 block charges, and gain improved protection for 10s (your spells cannot be interrupted and protection cannot be on hit dispeled). (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Bombs Bombs Bombs (60s CD)] - For 20s after using this ability, fireball, lightning bolt, energy bolt and flamestrike will also summon a greater explosive potion at the targets location. The potion's damage will be lowered by 20% for each circle below 7th. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Zealot

  • [Greatest Gift (60s CD)] - You and the lowest health nearby ally not already affected by this buff both gain +15% absorption and +20 max HP for 30s. When this ability ends you retain the bonus HP gained so long as they do not exceeed your max HP. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [The Chosen One (90s CD)] - This ability resets all mastery cooldowns for the Zealot except for tier 3 masteries. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Minstrel

  • [Phantom Scream (60s CD)] - Nearby enemy players in a range of 5 who are currently casting a spell will be interrupted and silenced for 4s. They also will attempt to have their protection spell on hit dispeled. Also, the Minstrel will break all paralyze, freeze and splintering effects and grant immunity for 6s to themselves and nearby allies in a range of 5. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Phantom Shift (60s CD)] - Instantly move up to 2 squares in the direction you are currently facing, you may pass through impassable terrain so long as there is nothing blocking the terrain on the other side (you can move through walls). You may do this up to 2 more times in the next 10s. Also gain 20% absorption for 30s. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Ranger

  • [Petrified Arrow (60s CD)] - Fire a magical arrow at target enemy within a range of 10 tiles. If that target is a player, summon a stone wall for 8s directly in front of the location they are facing. If the target is not a player then freeze the target for 6s and gain 20% critical strike for 20s (remember that critical strikes do not function in PvP with the exception of Juggernaut's punishing rage). (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Bear Traps (60s CD)] - Summon a Grizzly Bear companion that lasts 45s if not in PvP. This companion requires 4 slots to control and has fairly low damage, but has high defensive capabilities. Also, For the next 5s, summon a greater explosive potion on each new square you step on, up to 5 max. These potions deal 60% of the normal damage to players and damage can be raised further by taking the Alchemy skill. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Tier 3 Mastery Abilities - Monk

  • [Hex (60s CD)] - If cast on a non-player, this ability will curse and peace all enemy units within a range of 5 from the target. Otherwise, it curses and polymorphs an enemy player into a chicken for 4s, if they are casting or attempt to cast a spell during this transformation, they will be silenced for 4s. If cast on a player that is already polymorphed, only the initial silence effect will occur. This ability has a range of 10 tiles. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 1")
  • [Shadow Kick (60s CD)] - Teleport to a location in front of your target (range 10) and attempt to kick them in the opposite direction up to 3 tiles away. For player targets, if there is impassable terrain in those squares, they will be kicked to the tile before that terrain and frozen for 3s, When used on a non-player this will also attempt to strike the enemy 3 times in rapid succession instead of kicking them away. Gain mounted movement speed for 3s after using this ability. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 3 2")

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • This patch took a little extra time to bring live but we have finally made it to the release of T2 Mastery abilities for all classes.
  • Several of these abilities are aimed at allowing a change up in style to how certain classes can be played.
  • The list of new abilities is fairly long, but below are the abilities as they stand as of their initial release.

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Demonologist

  • [Empower Balron (60s CD)] - For 10s your balron gains very fast movement speed, 20% increased chance to hit, and cannot be damaged, paralyzed or frozen. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Cursed Soul (60s CD)] - Immediately curse your target with no ability to resist the effect. For the next 12s, drain up to 24% (120 max) of your target's health and heal yourself for that amount every 1.5s (8 ticks total starting 1.5s after cast). Also gain 20% absorption during the duration of this effect and 4 block charges. This damage cannot be mitigated. Killing a non-player cursed soul resets the T2 mastery CD for Demonologists. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Berserker

  • [Resilience (60s CD)] - For 10s reduce all damage received by 25% against players and by 75% against non-players, gain 4 block charges. Breaks all paralyze, snare and freeze effects and grants immunity to these debuffs for the first 6 seconds. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Call To Freya (60s CD)] - You and all nearby allies within a range of 10 gain full stamina and block charges. For 10s your Freya's blessing will cost no stamina and procs regardless of your missing health. Also, there is no timeout for Freya's blessing PvP procs to occur against players or their pets. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Juggernaut

  • [Eye for an Eye (60s CD)] - For 3s all player damage against you will be reflected for 50% of the damage amount (the Juggernaut still receives full damage), and your thorns percentage will be increased by 50% for 10s. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Stone Form (60s CD)] - For 4s reduce all damage against you by 75%, you will be splintered for 4s after using this ability. This is calculated as a final reduction in damage after resistance and absorptions. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Spellsinger

  • [Blood Magic (60s CD)] - Sacrifice all your active summons to polymorph yourself into an orcish mage, gaining +50 spell damage, +2 to faster casting cap and value (up to a maximum of 6 in PvP), and +1 mana per tick for 20s. For the first 4s of this ability you will gain mounted movement speed. You cannot summon blade spirits during this effect. Killing a non-player non-controlled unit while in this form will grant mounted movement speed (4s) and extend the duration for 8s (max 120s). Using this ability while it is still in effect wastes the cooldown. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Mirror Image (60s CD)] - Instantly teleport up to 10 squares away and summon two zero control slot mirror images that will last for 30 seconds. These images will mimic your spell casts and initially will be given the stay command in PvP, and the guard command otherwise. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Master of Beasts

  • [Sanctuary (60s CD)] - Your 3 slot or larger pets summon a 5x5 zone around them that lasts for 6s. Allies who enter the zone deal 25% more damage for 4s, enemies who enter the zone deal 50% less damage for 4s. Each ally or enemy can only be buffed/debuffed once per cast. If your pet is dead or more than 16 tiles away this cooldown will be wasted on use. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Sacrifice for the Master (60s CD)] - For 4s transfer 100% (50% from players) of damage recieved to your pets. If that damage was from a player, multiply the transfered amount by 8x. If you have no pets or your pets are dead then you will receive the damage fully. Pets will receive a percentage of the damage based on control slots, 25% per control slot. (Cost Mana: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Elementalist

  • [Elemental Lash (60s CD)] - Create a 9x3 area in front of you that covers the ground in elemental decay, enemies in the area will be struck by lightning as if cast by the Elementalist every 1.0s and anything struck twice will be frozen for 3s (6s for non-players). This area lasts for 8s. (Cost Mana: 10) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Elemental Transformation (60s CD)] - Polymorph into an elemental being. In this form, Archery now also grants Swordsmanship, allowing melee fighter benefits and 20% additional absorption. You now also heal you and your pets for 25% of damage dealt (10% against players and 0% against player controlled units) while wielding a melee weapon. Also gain mounted movement speed for 4s after use. This ability must be off cooldown for you to cancel it but cancelling it does not trigger the cooldown. (Cost Mana: 10) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Thaumaturge

  • [Arm Lock Counter Attack (60s CD)] - For 4s, any enemy that attempts to attack you within a range of 2 will be disarmed and frozen for 2s (6s for non-players). Max of once per player. Also gain 100% dodge chance against all enemy creature auto attacks for 10s. (Cost Mana: 20) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Paralytic Mine Field (60s CD)] - Summon a field of greater explosive potions directly in front of target enemy within a range of 10. These mines are covered with a paralyzing field. These mines deal 35% of the normal damage to players. (Cost Mana: 20) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Zealot

  • [Consecrated Gound (60s CD)] - The ground in a 7x7 area around the Zealot becomes consecrated for 3s, at the end of those 3s, enemies remaining in the area will be frozen for 3s (6s for non-players) and allies will be healed with the power of a greater heal spell. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Smite (60s CD)] - Unleash a powerful unmitigated attack with a range of 3 that attempts to execute an enemy, this attack deals increased damage based on the health of the target and how much health is missing, if used on a target with less than 50% health it will freeze non-players for 6s and splinters players for 4s. Maximum damage is capped at 200 against non-players and 25 vrs players. This damage cannot be mitigated. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Minstrel

  • [Phantom Form (60s CD)] - You Polymorph into a phantom form. For 10s (20s if not in PvP combat) you gain a melee attack range of 10 (but deal 30% less melee damage in PvP) and you gain 25% ranged swing speed that allows you drop below the 1.25s limit. Killing a non-player non-controlled unit while in this form will grant mounted movement speed (4s) and extend the duration for 8s (max 120s). Using this ability while it is still in effect wastes the cooldown. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Phantom Immortality (60s CD)] - For 3s after use, if the Minstrel would be killed instead they are reincarnated with full health and granted mounted movement speed for 4s. If the Minstrel survives this duration, their phantom will be released and replaced with an improved phantom greater dragon that can mortal strike enemies. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Ranger

  • [Smoke Cloud (60s CD)] - Vanish in the shadows for 4s, or until you attack or cast a spell, you may move freely during this time. Using this ability toggles war mode off. This will not cause a reduction in PvP points earned during matches like normal hidding effects. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Multishot (60s CD)] - Fire an attack at all enemies within a range of 10, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 5s for every enemy hit, up to a maximum of 30s. The damage against players is reduced by 40%. (Cost Stam: 15) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Tier 2 Mastery Abilities - Monk

  • [Runic Protection (60s CD)] - For 6s bless a 5x5 area on the ground surrounding the Monk with runic protection that will allow yourself and all allies to have damage reduced by 25% and they will gain 20% additional absorption while in the area. (Cost Mana: 25) (Use command: "[mastery 2 1")
  • [Lightning Reflexes (60s CD)] - The next auto attack made against you in 6s causes you to strike back at the enemy if they are in a range of 2. Each nearby enemy can trigger this effect once, non-player enemies will be stunned for 8s after the attack. (Cost Stam: 25) (Use command: "[mastery 2 2")

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Mostly today we have a a few minor fixes and investigations.
  • Also note that 6 classes have the designs set for their T2 masteries and hopefully the others will be set soon as well so I can get this delivered soon.

Blade Spirits:

  • Reviewed the code for Blade Spirits, the doesn't seem to be anything that would cause the deletion of a Blade Spirits on cast that is not one of your own followers.
  • I went ahead and set the location of potentially blocked blade spirits to spawn at the caster's location in the event that a location is blocked, this might be the source of some potential issue.

Ranger Masteries:

  • Ankle shot was tested and it does freeze and poison mobs. There is a chance that a mob might be immune to some effects however.
  • Relentless volley damage has been raised from 50% to 60% of normal damage.

Faster Casting:

  • There is no longer a reduction in faster casting cap and value of 1 to the protection penalty while wielding a spellbook and no shield.
  • There is still im place a bonus in faster casting cap and value of 1 for wielding a spellbook with no shield and having 1 or fewer followers.
  • This modification is mostly targetted at the Thaumaturge class which has been extremely difficult to bring into a reasonable level of balance compared to other classes.

On Hit Dispel in PvP:

  • Has been modified with how this works to have a set duration of 4 seconds, this is to bring it more in line with other forms of cc, previously it was from 5-8 seconds based on
  • This ability was also reviewed for any potential bugs where the immunity duration was off but there are no issues. Once you have been dispeled the timer begins and lasts for 60 seconds. It might seem short if you dont put the protection spell back up in a timely manner.


  • A bug with this attack that caused players to possibly one shot the boss has been corrected.

PvP MMR Calculations:

  • Instead of using a team vrs team aggregation to calculating MMR changes for 2v2 or larger team fights, we are now doing things similar to how FFA works, each winner calculates a win vrs each loser in the fight. The net result of this is mostly to allow MMR growth to occur more rapidly. Since we have lose protection in place for extreme differences, there isnt really a big issue with having this in place.

Patch Info:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Server IP Address has changed from to and we are now based in Chicago rather than Dallas.
  • This move was mostly due to the fact that recent weather conditions have caused massive network issues for the current server and we have been struggling these last few days.
  • This move will hopefully be permanent for the near future at least and it looks to be a very nice move for us as ping seems to have improved across the board for most players.

Thaumaturge Mastery - Gravity Bomb:

  • This ability now correctly freezes enemy creatures for 6s and the text was updated to 6s as well.

Juggernaut - Tempest Strike:

  • This ability now correctly freezes enemy creatures for 6s.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • It has been a few weeks since our last patch and we have finally gotten to the point where our first tier of mastery abilities is ready for release and have a few other quick fixes as well.

PvP Pet DPS:

  • Pet offensive scaling in PvP: reduced from 80% of normal value to 60% of normal value.
  • Pet based classes have been heavily out performing most other classes in sustained dps through a match, this adjustment should hopefully move them slightly closer to where they need to be for competitive play, and now that there is no real way to effectively deal with pets, we need to make sure they are not oppressive with their damage output.

PvP Splintering On Death:

  • These effects are now removed on death so you dont immediately lose your run speed after being killed.

Class Masteries:

  • The first tier of class mastery abilities have been added to the game.
  • Information for all abilities added can be found on the class page on the website, also you can find it by clicking through people on the leaderboards and then looking at their masteries as well.
  • Please remember that this is the first tier of at least 3 tiers of abilities we will be releasing to bring fun and engaging gameplay to the server for all classes, so there are still at least two more tiers of abilities to make their way to the server over the next 4-6 weeks.
  • This initial release took a lot of time because I had to lay a fair bit of foundation for this expansion before actually coding the abilities but we should move more quickly from here for the next two tiers.
  • If your class has abilities that you feel are underpowered / overpowered or could be improved, feel free to voice your ideas, but also keep in mind that two more tiers of abilities will hopefully bring better balance. Many of these abilities are PvP oriented but have a lot of cross functionality in PvE that was also put in place.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • This patch is bringing us very close to closing out all the work with getting initial PvP online and running to at least a reasonable level of balance and fleshed out systems to engage the playerbase.
  • The goal with tonights patch is to hopefully have the server at the point where I can begin working on the next phase of development which is the active trees. Since I attacked the issue of lowering the barrier of entry not through a PvP shop but instead through outright minimum stats, I will likely circle back to that area in the future as a way to provide more comeback mechanics and layers of strategy to matches.

Lucky Patches:

  • Lucky patches have been added to the game and are available for purchase from the virtue coins vendor for 100k virtue coins each.
  • These patches are designed so that you can patch up your normal everyday gear and just use that to fish for new loot.
  • For this reason, two handed weapons are granted 450 luck, shields and jewelry 150 luck, and everything else is 300.
  • They cant be used on earrings or talismans.
  • They are priced high because they are purely a QoL end game item and this should allow some better econing within the largely useless virtue coins for those in end game gear. And will provide newer players a potential source of gold and greater coins through trade.
  • The primary reason for this new system is because I want players to be able to create full end game luck suits that they dont need to swap pieces out for to achieve near maxed luck.
  • Note that some pieces like the luck set jewelry and talisman are still nice to haves for those that want just a little more luck, but even without those players should be able to reach fairly high luck numbers.
  • For any player that has invested in glyphs for the purpose of maxing luck please come speak to me I am going to make sure the glyphs get fully refunded and your time was not wasted.

Potions In PvP Battlegrounds:

  • Heal, Cure, Explode, and Refresh potions no longer consume while in PvP battlegrounds. The reasoning here is that these are very important for being able to properly compete in a PvP setting, and the PvP experience here is quite a bit different with both how things are balanced and how matches come to resolution. Also, due to the inexpensive nature of potions, there is really no need to force this into the economy as any player with moderate time on their hands can easily stockpile a massive number of potions.
  • Greater cure potions now cure with 100% effectiveness against all poison types.

Protection buff:

  • Is now set to retain on death.

Animal Training and Pet Changes:

  • No longer requires powerscrolls to train skill cap raises for pets. For those of you who have used powerscrolls to train pets in the past, please send me a message so we can discuss rectifying the past investments into the pets. This is something I really should have done a long time ago so I apologize for taking this long to rectify the situation here.
  • For PvP I have normalized pet defense for all pets 2 or more control slots, this should noticably change things for PvP, especially for tamers.
  • For PvE I have normalized pet defense and added an additional 30% defensive scaling for all pets 2 or more control slots, this is to help combat issues that players have managing pets in general, as other classes have outscaled tamer's ability to manage their pets and due to how dynmic spawn rates are now, its more difficult for them to keep up as well.
  • For PvP I have reduced pet and summon damage across the board by 20%.
  • Juggernaut thorns damage against player pets and summons has been reduced by 50%.
  • Slayers no longer work against player pets and summons.
  • Cu Sidhe nerfs have been pulled back a large amount, this pet should regain much of its potency although there are still mild nerfs in place, I am going to keep an eye on this one but I think due to all the changes that have come into the fold these nerfs might be partially outdated at this point.
  • Overall, pets have just been relatively underwhelming in PvP, mostly due to how easily that can be dealt with. But their damage has been very formidable when used correctly, and now that they can stick to targets more easily in PvP they can bring a lot of value as they should. I want to avoid turning the strategy of PvP fights into a choice of whether to kill pets or players, the answer should almost always be to target players first, but at the same time I don't want players just running in circles and killing people without actually engaging in the fights. So these numbers might be continuously adjusted as we move along.

Spellbook Damage Procs In PvP:

  • Area and spell dps procs now deal less damage to player targets based on distance to the target.
  • For every 3 squares away from the target the procs will deal 1/6 less damage up to 50% max (0-2 squares = 100% dmg, 3-5 squares = 5/6 dmg, 6-8 squares = 2/3 dmg, 9+ squares = 1/2 dmg).
  • This is primarily being done to provide options to players attempting to deal with heavy handed mages in PvP and to force mages to take risks to reach their dps apexes. Note that this also incidentally serves as a buff to ranged dps playstyles, giving mages opponents that will possibly be more difficult to deal with.
  • These changes are also being done to reign in caster dps to more reasonable numbers as in almost all cases spellbook DPS has been far more formidable than other options in PvP.
  • These changes are only when targeting players for spell damage.

PvP Player Statues & Leaderboards:

  • After reboot I will be setting these up over the bridge between west bank and the town centre moongate in Britain.
  • The statues are currently setup for the top 3 players for FFA, 1v1 and 2v2 matchups in PvP.
  • I plan to add a similar system for PvE leaderboards in the future.
  • These all update on the first save after midnight CT each day.
  • The leaderboards will display players once they have broken the 1200 mmr barrier.
  • Note that the online leaderboards update at 5am CT, so there is a chance that these numbers are misaligned at times, eventually I will probably move to updating these numbers more frequently on the website.

PvP Enemy Team Preview:

  • A preview of the enemies in the battleground is now displayed in the PvP skill swap gump, this is so players can decide what talents and skills they think would best suit them for the match.

PvP Spectating:

  • Players may now freely join matches that are in progress to observe as they are ongoing. I would ask that players observing try to keep their distance from those in combat and refrain from any un-sportsman like conduct while observing any battles. The moongate to observe matches will appear next to the town centre moongate while matches are ongoing.
  • I might adjust how spectating works if we run into too many issues with onlookers, for now just be respectful of those who are fighting.

PvP Daily Quests:

  • Players who complete 3 rounds of PvP in a single day will be granted a bonus of 60k Greater Coins, 300k Exp, and +50 Singularity Points.
  • This daily quest resets at 12 midnight central time each day only if you completed it, otherwise progress is retained.
  • This is roughly the equivalent of completing a T3 ICE and also 50 uncapped bonus singularity points.


  • Now properly create at the Ranger's location if they are facing an area with no LOS.

Aegis Of Grace and Helm Of Swiftness:

  • Now always come with mage armor.
  • A lot of end game boss drops still need heavy revamping which will come in a future update, but this will at least make these more usable on hybrids.

Monk Changes:

  • Monk empowered healing ticks moved from +10 to +8, this is to attempt to normalize this healing ability to be more in line with what other large heal sources are capable of.
  • Minimum base heal regen of the monk class has been lifted from 10 to 14 (of 16 max), this is to ensure that newer monks to get overtly punished by this change as it is more intended to target the apex of the class.
  • The issue with the Monk class has been the amount of healing they can passively generate without having to cast a single heal or greater heal to support themselves. This change is designed to bring a little more pressure to this area.

Thaumaturge Changes:

  • Cascades against players are now also reduced in damage based on how far from the target the Thaumaturge is in the same manner that spellbook procs are down weighted.
  • This is for all spells except Chain Lightning.
  • The issue with Thaumaturge has been the amount of damage they can throughput in fights and the fact that there is little to no counterplay against that damage. This change is intended to target both of these issues.

Spell Singer:

  • New class mechanic: sanctuary added to this class, allowing them to defend against attacks using class skill instead of weapon skill.
  • This change is primarily to deal with the fact that their 7th skill choice of evaluate intellect forces them to wield a mage weapon melee weapon to make use of that skill, meaning they cannot possibly use spellbooks.

Master of Beasts:

  • New class mechanic: sanctuary added to this class, allowing them to defend against attacks using class skill instead of weapon skill.
  • This change is primarily to deal with the fact that their 7th skill choice of evaluate intellect forces them to wield a mage weapon melee weapon to make use of that skill, meaning they cannot possibly use spellbooks.
  • Also, symbiosis now also restores health of their creatures at the same rate as it restores mana and stamina, and it's baseline effectiveness has been doubled, the talent for increasing this value further has had the text adjusted but still raises this the same amount as it previously did.
  • This change is mostly to bolster the effectiveness of the class which has been lagging behind in recent times, and I want this class to feel more rewarding than it currently does.
  • Spell copy has been reviewed and it is 100% functioning properly in PvP.


  • Reflect chance has been reduced from 20% to 10% each cast.
  • This fight is really obnoxious for ranged casters and I am simply trying to move it in a more suitable direction that isnt so overwhelmingly difficult for them.

Tiered Reflect Ability:

  • There is now a hard damage cap of 35 for the amount of damage that can be reflected at players.
  • As the power curve as grown players have gotten to the point where they are basically one shotting themselves due to this ability which isnt really what I would consider ideal.

Patch notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • This patch is primarily addressing a number of PvP concerns, and improving Legendary Power Deeds.

PvP Misses For Auto Attacks:

  • PvP misses will now accumulate, raising your next chance to hit after each miss with no more than 3 misses in a row being possible, and this will only happen in very rare situations. This only is available if your weapon skill is 90.0 or higher.
  • This is replacing the passive +5% to hit in PvP as well.
  • The net result of this change is that overall hit rates in PvP will rise by roughly 2.5%, but also, missing multiple times in a row lets you know that your next hit is very likely to happen.
  • This change is primarily aimed at reducing the extremely bad feels of missing many times in row that can result in losing a kill that really should have been yours, and also this allows players to make informed decisions on whether to take that next swing or not.


  • I am moving cascade cooldown from 60 seconds to 75 seconds and raising the global cooldown to 25 from 20 seconds.
  • Players still need to learn to fight against this by not being overly aggressive at the start of fights, but the power of this class is so extreme that it might take a bit more to reel it in.
  • I am considering further potential tune ups but due to other melee / auto attack buffs that are coming in this patch I want to hold off just a bit here and see where things land. A lot of the issues with mages being overpowered will naturally have a pullback once we have active trees up and running because many classes will gain ways to chase down opponents / gap close and prevent burst.

Monk Changes:

  • Along with Thaumaturge this class is extremely difficult for most players to deal with so I am looking to make some minor adjustments.
  • The Divine Link timeout is now pushed from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Also, Mending Strikes now has it's own 3s proc timeout after it occurs.
  • These are very minor changes but should help players to pressure Monks just a little more than they currently can.


  • This class now has the ability to critical strike once every 30 seconds max in pvp, punishing rage also is in effect.


  • Poison elementals can no longer apply lethal poison at 120 elementalist skill, instead they will apply deadly poison.
  • This class has been given a very nice boost with stat normalizations to where we can begin to see the real power it can wield, and so I would rather reserve Lethal poison for players that have the poisoning skill.
  • In order to unlock lethal poison for poison elementals, you will need 120.0 poisoning skill as well, and this only applies to poison elementals.

Greater Heal Changes:

  • There is now a global change to greater heal where if a player repeatedly casts this ability on themselves there is a stacking debuff that occurs where each stack will reduce the effectiveness of the next heal by 10% up to 50% reduction, because other dampening reductions are applied. This is to reduce the ability for players to turtle matches by standing in a single location and just repeatedly healing themselves. Cascade heals and mending strikes procs are not affected by this, and also players healing other players will cause stacks on that target to accumulate. So one player sitting back and spamming heals on another will not be as effective either. Mini heal is not affected by this although there is already an anti spam mana increase that occurs for it.
  • The wait time to make these stacks drop off is 4 seconds, the next heal is cast 4s later, it will go back to being full value.
  • This has been added globally mostly because it does not impact PvE, two gheals is often more than enough to heal to full.

Spirit Speaking:

  • This ability will now be protected from distruption against damage while under the effect of the Protection spell.
  • The baseline healing has been raised from 20% of Spirit Speaking + 5% of Inscription to 25% of Spirit Speaking + 5% of Inscription, bringing it slightly closer to the power level of other heals in the game to allow players to consider it more as a potential 7th skill for many classes.

Spell Disruption Checks:

  • There was a bug in counting musicianship and alchemy in place of inscription that has been corrected.

Discordance, Magery & Some other skills no swapping properly:

  • There were a few skills not swapping properly and these have been resolved.

Energy Field:

  • Duration of this spell is now based on magery, from 2-8 seconds depending on values.
  • This wall is much longer than wall of stone and doesn't block LoS, so it is possible to do things like bait people into an area they cannot escape from, locking them against a wall or locking yourself into a defensive position and then firing at them from range with spells or bows. This change is just intended to reduce that potential for abuse, a 6s window is still long engouh to make plays like this without turning PvP into a wallfest.
  • I considered further restricting this to eval + magery, but i'd prefer to tone this down into a potentially useful but not abusable tool for anyone running with magery, also, for the most part it can be countered with teleport scrolls, so I would like to see how it all plays out in this state first.

Cure and Arch Cure Bug:

  • There was a bug where curing yourself allowed you to instant cast cure for a few seconds after in PvE.
  • This has been corrected.

Explosion Potions:

  • There is no more division of damage for these.
  • There is now a 1s timeout after throwing a potion.

Bug Fixes:

  • Greater Items Tickets no longer can add 0 coin checks.

Champion Skulls:

  • Are now stackable, sorry for taking forever to get to this.

Legendary Power Deeds:

  • Non-leather armor now will get garaunteed mage armor if it rolls three or more mage oriented stats.
  • Non-leather armor can now randomly gain +1 to a number of dexxer oriented stats: str, dex, hits, HCI, DI, SSI
  • Armor and hats will now be searched in a similar manner to weapons in an attempt to find "non-bad" items that are slightly below legendary to fill out the bag more with.
  • Night sight can now only be found on jewels.
  • SSI and DI can now be found on all armor, values between 1-12.
  • The net result of all of this should be that you have a much better chance of finding useful items in the legendary packs for armor and hats especially.

PvP Normalizations:

  • Class levels are now normalized in PvP battlegrounds, meaning that you can select all three talent tiers during PvP battles and you are treated as a level 300 player for calculation purposes, this should help bring up undergeared alts another notch to ensure we are all close to even in the battlegrounds.

PvP Talent Selections:

  • You can now freely swap your PvP talents around during the first 30 seconds of a match.
  • These talents are stored separately from your normal talent selections and will default to your normal talents if you have not yet chosen one in pvp.
  • The general idea I am trying to push towards is to allow players to "draft" talents and skills at the start of matches. The final thing to add here to make this complete will be to show who is on the enemy team at the start of a match, this way players can make selections based on how they think those selections will best perform.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • A new system for PvP Minimums and Catchup mechanisms have been introduced that cover a range of stat normalizations while in battlegrounds.
  • These stats are designed to ensure that players have no larger than a total of 4-6% difference in their core stats while fighting in a PvP battleground. There are a number of reasons why I've chosen to implement this system:
    • 1) New players will find it much easier to jump into at level 100.
    • 2) Undergeared or incorrectly players geared players will not be punished as hard, making their ability to compete much more normalized.
    • 3) Veteran players will still want to strive for "perfect" gear since there is still an advantage to gain from doing so.
    • 4) This will give us much better insight into what classes are actually underperforming and what classes are not, due to the gear disparities and some players taking completely different approach to gearing.
  • This has been a difficult issue to really break down and design for improving as there are a large number of psychological factors to consider from many different perspectives.
  • Ultimately, I feel this path will bring the "greatest good" to how both gearing for PvP as well as participating in PvP feels moving forward.

PvP Minimums:

  • Minimums are now im place for pretty much any stat you might find on an armor piece, and most of these are boosted to roughyl 94-96% of the cap, with a few exceptions simply due to the cap being very low. You will easily be able to observe these changes in the stat details menu at the begining of a PvP round.
  • They affect almost all stats that you could potentially find on armor, but they do not impact things like mage weapon, use best weapon, weapon procs of all kinds, soul charge, or resists.
  • There are also several stats that have no cap, and these have still been given a minimum value for normalization, but players can still go far beyond those minimums through gear. This ensure that players who want to strive for unique builds can still do so without being punished when stepping into pvp, and most of these uncapped values are not extremely essential to PvP performance although they do give a slight advantage in very close fights. I might place a cap on this later on to prevent players from abusing endless pools of mana and stamina, or rebalance values so the disadvantage is lessened, but for not I am leaving this as it is.
  • Ranger SSI is also another notable exception to how PvP minimums are applied, they will have an SSI minimum of 77 in PvP, which allows them to almost fully unlock a Composite Bow build with the +30% SSI tier 1 talent. I am going to keep an eye on this as things move along, but for simplicities sake this has been setup in this manner.

PvP Catchup Mechanic:

  • Once a player falls more than 250 points behind the leader in a PvP battleground, the PvP minimums change for all stats, instead of being 94-96% of the maximum they become 100% of the maximum, meaning the player that has fallen behind a large amount will now possibly even be normalized beyond their opponents, effectively acting as a "comeback" mechanic of sorts. I might later adjust these down slightly for some stats, or more likely widen the gap from 250 to higher if needed, but once a player has been pushed too far below the top end player, I would prefer to ensure that the leaders cannot snowball that momentum into an easily secured win and instead have to work at least a little for their results. I will be keeping an eye on things here.
  • Originally, I was planning to tackle this problem with a PvP shop, but I felt the disparity in match outcomes is so extreme in some cases, largely due to gear, that I wanted to push towards normalization in a more straightforward manner.
  • Also note that as your gear becomes better and better this disparity in catchup also is lowered, so there is still a very real reason to gear our your characters as best as you can.

Hit Lower Defense and Hit Lower Attack Changes:

  • There is also a general auto attack buff this patch due to the fact that debuffs were being applied before PvP normalization calculations rather than after, causing HLA and HLD to lower totals less than they normally would, although the difference was fairly small but definitely a noticable amount.
  • Also, HLA and HLD can no longer be countered by overstacking HCI and DCI respectively, these values are now capped before debuffs are stacked on them, this should make caster vrs melee matchups balance slightly towards dexxer after the change. I don't think many players were doing this, but the possibility has now been removed all together.

Reflect Physical Damage:

  • This ability has been changed to have a class based cap in PvP:
    • Juggernaut: 105 max
    • Other Classes: 50 max
  • PvP minimums also reflect these values.

Heal Dampening:

  • The maximum heal dampening that can occur towards the end of a match has been raised from 25% to 33%.
  • With opening all stat mins on players, the result will be that securing a kill is overall slightly more difficult across the board, and might require better precision and execution to achieve. To ensure we don't end up with disappointing wet noodle fests, this change has been made. This also might slightly push the balance of cross healing slightly in favor of those running multiple heals. I will keep an eye on things after these changes and take corrective action if needed.


  • Freya's Blessing now only triggers against players if the damage delt is greater than 20, this is to ensure poison ticks and procs don't consume the proc causing the overall healing to be less effective.
  • There is also a minimum versus player pets while in PvP combat of 30 and the timer against pet procs has been lowered from 30 to 15, making it possible to heal off of pets more frequently.

Development Update:

By JarJarIsASith


  • After reviewing how PvP has gone over the past few weeks I have been noticing some fundamental flaws with how the matches sometimes playout, and basically there are two kinds of matches that I find myself involved in:
  • 1) Even matches where both parties have a shot at winning and the result usually comes down to some minor well played fights or mistakes. These matches I usually feel good about even if I am on the losing side.
  • 2) Matches that are extremely one sided, where one of the players just seems to have a massive advantage over the other. Sometimes this can be due to gear, class imbalance, misplays, one player just having a good or bad day, or even just that some classes are difficult to deal with depending on what class you are playing on.
  • So with these two scenarios in mind, I feel the development goal I want to push for is to move matches towards scenario #1 where players both feel like the match was winnable, and this is going to be the focus of a lot of upcoming changes.
  • Obviously there is a lot to this but my immediate next goals are:
    • Reducing the gear gap between players further, and allowing a "catch up" mechanic of some sort. I am going to attempt to do this by normalizing all players within 4-6% of one another in terms of minimum stats, and when a player falls too far behind a leader, they will get another bump to allow them a chance at normalization.
    • Correcting abilities not functioning as intended, balancing classes and other game mechanics further.
    • Assumed PvP scaling of all abilities as if the player was level 300.
    • Adding PvP talenting, where players can freely change their talents at the start of a match, as well as opening up PvP talents for all three tiers at level 100.
    • Adding PvP talent and skill "drafting" - basically, I am going to show what player / class you are facing off against, so you can hopefully use that information to make informed decisions regarding talents and skills.
  • The end result here should be that a player with almost no gear beyond a semi decent paragon weapon, should be able to jump into battlegrounds and feel like they have a chance at winning if they perform well in the match.
  • I am hoping to get all of this in place by end of day Sunday this week.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • I have made a few more adjustments to some of the weapon tags.
  • [Abhorrence] - HLD added back and set to low value for this potential all around item.
  • [Luna] - Converted into a better all around stat padding item by giving int and raising, ssi, di and hci numbers, as well as granting a -0 mage weapon tag, this gives it a potential niche use for players.
  • [Tomahawk] - Has been given a small bump by adding +int, +mana regen, and on hit curse.
  • [Insanity] - Defend chance added back as baseline for all insanity weapons.

Tiered Paragon Reroll Deed:

  • One of the reasons I don't like having to change paragon weapons frequently is due to the fact that it invalidates progress players have made which never feels good to have to endure as a player. Some players might have just found the best weapon ever then bang its completely useless due to a content update. At the same time, many of the paragon tags were so far underperforming that players were basically forced to try to find only one or two tags to make use of anything, which also feels bad. Also the introduction of PvP has drastically changed which on hit effects are valued, and it has become apparent that in order for players to compete, it is very important they have access to some of these effects, otherwise the balance in a fight becomes very one sided. These catchup deeds will help to ensure that at least a few of the best items players found over that last few months have a chance to still be useful if not outright extremely powerful.
  • This is a new item and every level 300 player is going to receive three of these to help support their end game efforts to ensure that the weapons they have found so far can be caught up to some degree. These can be tradeable, so if you need more you can probably ask around and find some players with a surplus, but honestly, 3 per level 300 character should be more than enough for any player to retain some nice tiered items for those characters. I know that it's not easy when change like this comes through, but at the end of the day, it's better that we have a solid end game weapon system to look forward to each week / month than a bag full of 90% completely useless items. Please also understand that there are multiple perspectives in this, you can look at it as your past gear being invalidated, but the more optimistic outlook is that you are now much more likely to find useful tiered items each week. One general problem that every MMO faces is gear stagnation, and hard resets that completely invalidate gear is a very common approach that pretty much every game I have ever played uses, often those "resets" are paired with other large content releases to sort of distract players from the fact that their gear was all just completely invalidated, and this treadmill style of development is something I really prefer to avoid, but in this case I think it is moving the server in the right direction.
  • Due to the complexity of glyphs, DPS spell procs (on hit arrow, harm, fireball, lightning) as well as on hit area effects are not going to be rerolled with these deeds.
  • Also, if an item was glyphed with something that was added to the core set of that item, I will be rolling out a remove lesser / remove greater glyph system soon, so you will want to wait for that before using this on the item or else that property might be lost. So be careful with using these on already glyphed items.
  • If you have a spellbook that was created from one of these tiered items let me know and I will consider what I can do for you, I will need to create individual commands for these but it is not difficult, so don't hesitate to ask.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fix for augment spellbook where faster casting from the book was not being properly applied, please speak to me asap if you have been impacted by this.
  • Weapons with both UBWS and Mage Weapon will now use the highest of all skills.

New Item: Glyph Removal Deeds

  • These have been added to the singularity points vendor.
  • These can be purchased for 10 singularity points.
  • They will remove a single lesser or greater glyph from an item.
  • The value of what was removed will drop to zero regardless of if it was previously greater than zero before glyphing.
  • The singularity points are completely lost when this is used, you can still use the "singularity refund deed" to destroy the item and get the points back, this is your choice.
  • Soulbound will not be removed from the item, so you can't remove glyphs just to trade items.
  • This is primarily being added as a way for players to be able to more freely experiment with their armor and later on make changes after they have fully glyphed sets but find good upgrades that don't quite fit, and as a way for players to potentially correct mistakes with glyphs.

Reworked Item:

  • "Sterling Silver Ring" is now "Spellfyre's Precious" and has been improved quite a lot, you'll definitely feel lucky when you get this item now.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Singularity Points: fixed bug that had +0 as singularity points earned after boss kills when in fact it was more than this.
  • Reflect Physical and Enhance Potions have been added to the stat details window.
  • PvP Results Gump - the winning team is now always "green" text and losing is always "red" text.

New Item: Legendary Power Deed

  • This item has been added to greater coins and daily coins vendors.
  • This item is designed to make end game item farming a lot less complex than it currently is. I don't want players to be forced to rely too heavily on Razor or other plugin knowledge to be able to compete on the server, and this item's goal is to reduce everything someone getting started needs to know to: "buy these deeds and use it on the item type you want." Anything beyond this just creates unnecessary confusion which ultimately results in players not being able to effectively progress.
  • It works exactly like other power deeds except it will automatically throw away all items that either are not legendary or do not meet a minimum standard.
  • It enforces a minimum amount of luck at 1000, this is so newer players or lazy players can just use the deeds and look through the results easily.
  • For all item types it will keep all legendary items that rolled regardless of stats.
  • For weapons, it will keep up to 35 greater/major artifacts as well, it will try to keep artifacts that had fewer bad rolls on them by excluding items with things like night sight, resists, luck, etc.
  • For jewelry, it will keep up to 35 greater/major artifacts by searching for combinations designed to target jewelry that might be good for Dexxer, Hybrid or Mage arch types specifically.
  • Also:
    • It will add min +8 resists to all armor pieces.
    • It ensures all weapons roll with a minimum damage increase amount.
    • Weapons also have a chance to roll a "caster upgrade" which will add FC / FCR / Mage Weapon / Spell Damage to the weapon.
  • The net result of this, is that players should be able to create bags with roughly 10-40 items (high levels of luck will produce bags with more items). These deeds are expensive, but they are very easy to use for finding items that might be considered very valuable and worth glyphing.

New Item: Weapon Damage Conversion Deeds

  • Currently, all tiered weapons roll as 100% physical damage which has created a major issue when it comes to PvP in that reflect physical damage is incredibly powerful vrs dexxers. In the current state it is possible to reflect 105% of the damage back at the attacker, which essentially invalidates all tiered paragon weapons and without addressing this issue, will eventually force all players to use less powerful alternatives with stacked non physical damage types, invalidating all their hard earned end game weapons.
  • In order to strike a balance here without completely gutting reflect physical damage, I have added damage conversion deeds, which will allow players to convert all physical weapon damage beyond 50 to a different type, resulting in a 50/50 split between physical and non physical types on the weapon that has this alteration.
  • This should result in reflect physical still being quite strong across the board vrs dexxers as half of all damage will still be reflected, but since this stat is also accessible to all players it should be something we all consider for improving our builds across the board as well. But I think it is easy to see that having 105% of all damage you deal reflected back at you is very clearly a broken mechanic to have in PvP.

Paragon Weapon Changes:

  • There are a lot of under performing paragon weapon tags out there, to the point where a lot of them just don't feel that great to obtain, so I have gone through all of these and looked for ways to carve out uniqueness for many of these tags that would definitely make them potential candidates in various situations. I don't like making frequent changes to these calculations, because it does invalidate past efforts to a degree, but at the same time I want these end game weapons to feel great once achieved. This also has the side effect result of lowering the value of hand rolled items, but considering the difficulty of earning these weapons, I want to ensure that players feel rewarded for those efforts.
  • These changes are not retroactive and will be applied to newly earned weapons moving forward.
  • [Nox] - ranged comes with hit velocity now, non ranged comes with splintering, area damage raised, ssi raised, 75% poison damage now.
  • [Juka] - ranged comes with hit velocity now, non ranged comes with splintering, hit lower attack added and hit lower defend amount lowered, ssi increased.
  • [Quackle's] - now also comes with on hit dispel, proc upgraded to fireball from harm.
  • [Arctic] - proc upgraded from harm to lightning, 75% cold damage now.
  • [Wrath] - now also comes with leech hits, 75% poison damage now.
  • [Cavorting] - now also comes with hit lower attack.
  • [Titan] - now also comes with hit curse.
  • [Night] - now also comes with hit curse and hit dispel.
  • [Taskmaster] - now also comes with hit mana drain, proc upgraded from harm to fireball, 75% energy damage now.
  • [Dread] - now also comes with hit curse.
  • [Blaze] - area damage raised, max proc / area raised base on tier, 75% fire damage weapon now.
  • [Dragon] - mana drain rate raised, now also comes with mana leech, max proc / area raised base on tier, 75% cold damage now.
  • [Zyronic] - now also comes with hit lower attack, values for curse, dispel lowered slightly, 20/20/20/20/20 rainbow damage split now.
  • [Insanity] - now also comes with hit lower attack and hit lower defend, ranged now comes with velocity instead of defend.
  • [Jaana] - the value of on hit curse raised.
  • [Power] - now also comes with on hit curse.
  • [Tomahawk] - proc upgraded to lightning from fireball, raised hit, ssi, di.
  • [Captain's] - raised hit, ssi, di.
  • [Salvation] - raised hit, ssi, di.
  • [Abhorrence] - hit dispel and hit curse added, but values very low, also lowered values for hit lower attack and hit leech mana.
  • [Pixie] - magic arrow base value raised.
  • [Luna] - hit lightning raised.
  • [Katrina's] - proc upgraded to hit lightning.

Zealot Changes:

  • Modified Zealot to earn 2x charges in PvP Battlegrounds, this is primarily to deal with the fact that the class has been balanced in PvE to be able to rapidly charge with PvE 95% hit rates and aoe procs on multiple mobs, but in PvP this is far from a realistic possibility with reduced proc throughput and much lower hit rates, so to compensate we will try to set zeal charges to gain more rapidly without changing other mechanics.

Monk Changes:

  • Monks passive meditation healing now counts as a "spell" heal. The reason for this is the class has the most powerful healing and damage prevention available in the game, as well as access to mini heal and greater heal in their kit. So I want to disincentivize also running auto heal bandage macros on top of all of this without taking any penalty for it unlike other classes which are all penalized in some manner for cross healing. This should hopefully bring this part of the class more in line with everything else and still has incredible power since it wont cause cross healing DR with gheals and heals.
  • Mending Strikes now counts as a spell source for healing when cast on self, again this is primarily a PvP thing, where Monk healing generally falls in the category of spell healing.
  • Mending Strikes had a bug where the mana was not being properly consumed, this has been fixed.

Cross Healing:

  • The cross healing timeout has been raised to 4 seconds from 3.
  • For those of you that don't remember, cross healing timeouts happen when you use two different sources of healing, for example, if you cast a greater heal then immediately drink a potion, the potion value will be cut in half. There are four sources for healing: bandages, spirit speak, spells, and potions. This is primarily to prevent classes from stacking 3 or 4 different types of healing and just live lording in PvP. It's going to be an ongoing battle to bring everything in line for this, but I want to continue to take consistent corrective actions for these types of situations.

Treasure Chest Tickets:

  • Have been changed to function completely differently. The reason for this is because doing treasure maps has become so efficient on this server that it takes ten times longer to sift through the loot than it does to actually get the loot. In the spirit of the server I want players to play the game rather than fight it, and a big part of this is being able to deal with large amounts of loot in efficient manners.
  • There will now only be one ticket per completed treasure map even if it is a 100x map.
  • All 100 of these tickets will be generated at once now.
  • The gems have been removed and the gold has been bumped up a notch to compensate for this removal.
  • Regular items no longer are added to chests, instead the greater coins in each chest has been bumped so players can buy items of the type they are after or do other greater coin things.
  • Items that have been found in the chests are now grouped into different categories and placed in a bag that allows them to be separated cleanly so players can keep what they want easily and throw away the rest.
  • Coins found in chests are now compiled into a single check amount for each currency gained.
  • Skull Tiled Floor Rug removed.
  • Master Skeleton Key removed.

PvP - Rank System Added

  • Design principle: since we have a small playerbase and a single queue system, there is no way for our players to spread out their MMR through match making, the result of this is that we are going to end up with a system that resets the server to 1200 each season then has rules to allow players to climb without feeling like they dont want to queue because of how much rating they lose when fighting newer players that might still be difficult fights. Overall the effect I want to achieve here, is a way for players to climb in ranks when they are successful over a number of games, and a way for players to gain in rank after losing quite a bit and learning the game as well. To do this, there will be enforced maximum losses, and accelerated gains while in lower tiers on consecutive wins, to allow players to spread out through the ranks without feeling like they are being punished for queueing into lower MMR players.
  • Note that I have not yet updated the website to reflect all of this, and also, I will still retain the raw MMR deltas in match history pages, this is because I do want players to be able to see the math behind the scenes as it is very important to understanding how these systems function and evolve.

Rank Brackets:

  • Bronze 0 - 1400mmr
  • Silver 1400 - 1600mmr
  • Gold 1600 - 1850mmr
  • Platinum 1850 - 2100mmr
  • Diamond 2100 - 2300mmr
  • Master 2300 - 2500mmr
  • Grandmaster 2500 - 2700mmr
  • Immortal 2700 - 2900mmr

Win Multipliers And Loss Protection:

  • In addition to brackets being setup, we now also have kvalue multipliers designed to allow players to climb out of lower ranks and to allow players a safety net when facing opponents with large MMR differences, especially while still in lower ranks.
  • The goal here is to accelerate gains while in lower tiers and winning reasonable numbers of games, the net result of this should help players spread out through the ranks more quickly, and cause less "crab basket" issues with more evenly matched players, especially in the ranks below Diamond.
  • Bronze 2.0x, additional 0.2 per consecutive win (max 10) (-10 maximum loss).
  • Silver 1.8x, additional 0.175 per consecutive win (max 10) (-12 maximum loss).
  • Gold 1.6x, additional 0.15 per consecutive win (max 10) (-14 maximum loss).
  • Platinum 1.4x, additional 0.125 per consecutive win (max 10) (-16 maximum loss).
  • Diamond 1.1x, additional 0.1 per consecutive win (max 10) (-18 maximum loss).
  • Master 1.0x, additional 0.075 per consecutive win (max 10) (-20 maximum loss).
  • Grandmaster 1.0x, additional 0.05 per consecutive win (max 10) (-25 maximum loss).
  • Immortal no adjustments (-25 maximum loss).
  • Immortal+ (MMRs beyond 2900) (max loss is -25 or the negated distance from MMR to 2900 whichever is lesser).

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Monster speeds have been corrected back to normal, last patch had an unintended side effect of slowing non controlled ai substantially

On Hit Dispel Changes:

  • OnHit Dispel no longer dispels the following player pets: Demonologist Balrons, Spell Singer Elementals, Spell Singer Blade Spirits. The reason for this is these classes are balanced around their ability to maintain pets throughout the duration of fights.
  • OnHit Dispel still removes protection, but the immunity timeout is moved to 60s, and while the spell is on immunity timeout, the cast time is reduced to zero.

PvP Skills:

  • I have modified all skills during PvP to be considered a 120.0 value if the skill is at or above 100.0.
  • I want to continue pushing the PvP playing field to be as even as possible when newer less developed players are playing. This should help new players tremendously since being behind in skill for some certain classes can make the game almost
  • Note that this requires the value before modification to be 100.0. So if you have 70 magery with +30 magery from jewelry, you will not recieve this benefit, and this benefit is only available in Battlegrounds, not in open world PvP.
  • I suspect that this buff is incredibly large and should allow skilled players to comfortably step foot into PvP without very much gear.

PvP Minimum Stats:

  • Dexxer based classes are now are granted a 135 DI minimum instead of 85 (master of beasts is included in this category even if they specialize as mages, elementalists are also included).
  • DCI min raised to 55
  • HCI min raised to 55
  • SDI min raised to 25
  • SSI min raised to 80 for all Rangers.
  • Again, I want to continue to push PvP closer and closer to being as even as possible when undergeared players are fighting overgeared players.
  • These are only in effect in battlegrounds.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • This patch has a small bit of balancing for some class related issues, new way to earn singularity points, and some UI improvements.
  • Next patch will make changes to the MMR system / PvP ranking system, I am going to change things so we have MMR brackets, values for all calculations will still be made available but once seasons start, we will be modifying the system to show true MMR values for all matches at the end of the season. I am also planning to add catchup mechanisms and kvalue adjustments for win streaks, as well as maximum loss protection when fighting players far below your own MMR. The specifics on this need to be ironed out and validated first but I am hoping to move things towards a wider distribution.
  • After all of this, I will move towards making the new active skill trees.

Pet Changes:

  • Pet Defensive scaling moved back to normal scaling for PvP, originally we had defensive nerfs in PvP situations vrs pets, this was because we had no class functionality in PvP and I wanted to ensure we didn't have tamers and summoners running around cheesing kills.
  • Now that we have proper PvP built into the game, this is no longer needed and is causing some setups for players to be capable of 2-3 shotting higher end pets, which should simply not be happening. We will further address pets in PvP as we go, but I don't want them to be so weak that players simply target them first, especially for the higher end pets.
  • Improved this in PvP combat to be more responsive and attack closest targets.
  • Added improved creature speed that should make it easier for players to get value out of pets, and should also make the dungeons just a little more difficult.

Poisoning Changes:

  • Self poisoning now no longer grants poison immunity and cannot be resisted when self inflicted (can still be used to gain resist skill).
  • Poison timeout calculations have been modified to no longer factor in Dexterity, instead they are a flat 10 seconds of immunity in PvP and 19 seconds in PvE, minus one second per level of poison inflicted, this is to encourage players attempting to use poisoning skill and making self inflicting low level poisons with long timeouts no longer a thing, and also this is to allow players to pressure healing harder through the use of higher level poisons.
  • These rules also carry over to PvE as well, but the immunity timer is 19 seconds instead of 10 seconds while not in a battleground, this should result in players not feeling any impact in PvE.

Juggernaut Changes:

  • No Slip skill for Juggernaut now has a 50% to prevent slips in PvP situations instead of an always on functionality. This skill was originally intended to allow berserkers to tank in PvE on the front lines with reliable self healing, but auto bandaging in PvP was never intended to be so easily achieved.

Thaumaturge Changes:

  • In PvP the Explosion spell now causes a 5 second cascade timeout from occurring if there is not already a timeout set to end at a later point. This class is currently very strong in PvP due to the throughput they can achieve, and with cascades they already have incredibly powerful burst with no need to front load the damage further. This effect takes hold as soon as a target is selected for the spell.

Paralyze Field:

  • Calculations for duration of this spell have been brought in line with the paralyze spell.
  • This spell has also been capped for resistance at 120 max, making it more useful for PvE scenarios as well.


  • Now always spawn one square in front of the player placing them if possible, otherwise they will spawn at the player's location if possible.

Stam Blocking:

  • Is now functional during battlegrounds.

Rewards Gump

  • When completing an ICE dungeon clear or PvP battleground, there is now a popup gump that displays an overview of what happened with your rolls and what your current bonus chests are at.

Mechanics Review:

  • I went ahead and checked the hit% for my Zealot vrs Ravaloft's Ranger and they are both coming in right around 56% chance to hit.

Singularity Bonus Points:

  • All characters in game have been given 21 bonus blocks of 100 singularity points that can be earned through ICE completion of PvP battles.
  • These can be earned a maximum of three times per week per character.
  • This is primarily being added to ensure players are able to gear out and prepare their newer characters a little bit faster for end game.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • PvP Skill Swaps are now available during battlegrounds.
  • These can only be set upon entering a battleground.
  • You can only swap skills that are not available in your core class.
  • You can only swap a skill if it is 100.0 or greater skill level.
  • You can only swap one skill.
  • This should allow players the ability to really change up their builds during battlegrounds without having to sacrifice their PvE gameplay or constantly swap skills around on stones.
  • These swapped skills only remain active while in a battleground.
  • The skill you swap "from" will be considered a 0.0 value for calculations regardless of any jewelry other bonuses.
  • Bonuses on the from skill will swap over to the to skill and it will receive the full amount up to the possible 120 cap.

Berserker Changes:

  • Damage bonus in PvP raised 5% more.
  • Healing with Freya's vrs players lowered to 3 second timeouts from 10, this brings it more in line with other classes like Monk, and should make thorns less of an issue. Also, this ability requires landing hits unlike divine shield, so brining it down a notch makes sense imo. Initially I was worried this would be problematic but I think I was overthinking things here.

General Changes:

  • Greater heal casts now cause auto attack proc timeouts to 3.0 seconds to occur.
  • This effects a number of classes that run magery and rely on weapons that proc damage for dps output.
  • Inside battlegrounds, poison fields and paralyze fields now apply to everyone present.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • I went through and cleaned up the in game custom gumps that are available to players that drive a lot of the Singularity - UO free shard information.
  • These new gumps also have three possible themes that players can toggle between, one dark, one light, and one grey theme.
  • Classes now all have been tagged with a class image that loosely represents the class.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • ICE Dungeon Update: from now on, all players within ICE dungeon who are not criminals or murderers are considered allies to one another, meaning everyone will show green to everyone else. This was done to remove the possibility of the macro flagging madness we end up with in there.
  • In addition to this, it is now possible to self flag as a criminal with the "[criminal" command, this will effectively remove you from the ICE ally team and allow you to attack or be attacked by anyone in ICE until the flag wears off.
  • I decided to go through with this idea because it is not possible to inflict harm on team allies within the core game mechanics, so if those pesky macros, that never seem to do what they are supposed to, go a little whacky it won't result in the entire ICE progress grinding to a halt. Ultimately this really doesn't change much in terms of what is possible in ICE, but protects the groups there from rogue macro criminal flagging random players unintentionally.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • Alchemy and Musicianship can now be used in place of Inscription for the purpose of spell SDI bonuses as well as disruption reduction benefits.
    • Players will still incur penalties to magic resist skill and physical resist stats while under the effects of the protection spell, but this should open up the possibility for more build diversity for a number of classes.
  • Greater Heal Cascades are now on a strict 60 second cooldown that does not interfere with the dps throughput cooldowns for cascades.
  • Cure potions and spells - no longer have timeouts unless inside a battleground.
  • Stats Page should reload properly after reopening player info gump.
  • Modified REFLECTION messages to be more color blind friendly.
  • Website issue with battle royale winners being displayed in incorrect orders fixed.
  • Setting your Paperdoll Prefix title to just your name will remove the lord / lady tag that you normally see.
  • A baseline 5% chance to hit has been added to all PvP hit calculations. This means with even HCI DCI and weapon skills, attacks landing will slightly favor the attacking player. The primary reasoning behind this is to make auto attacks feel less aweful than they currently do in PvP, where you can end up in situations where you whiff attacks many times in succession. This also changes the decision making behind risking being struck again or moving to a safer location, slightly favoring the offensive player.

Paralyze and Freeze Changes:

  • Diminishing returns, immunity, and resistance calculations now only apply to paralyze and freeze effects with a duration greater than 1.5s.
  • Paralyze and Freeze diminishing returns now also applies to player controlled pets and summons.
  • Paralyze and Freeze diminishing returns will now grant immunity for 20 seconds after being paralyzed or frozen twice within 20 seconds.
  • The net result of this is casting a 120 magery paralyze 3x in a row against a player or pet with 0 resist:
    • 6 sec duration, 3 sec duration, 0 sec duration.
  • The net result of this is casting a 120 magery paralyze 3x in a row against a player or pet with 120 resist:
    • 5 sec duration, 2 sec duration, 0 sec duration.
  • This was done to further improve the DR system and to ensure that players can't cheese player pets into total lockout with paralyze fields.
  • Healing from HP Regen will now be tracked for PvP stats.

Parry Changes For PvP:

  • Parry divisor for PvP has been further reduced to 1/4 the normal value instead of 1/3.

Berserker - New Passive: Shield Breaker

  • If a Berserker's attack is parried, for 10s afterwards the target cannot parry any attacks from any sources.
  • Berserkers have been struggling in a lot of ways they should not be, and they are doing less damage than a lot of other melee classes in PvP especially. This bump is designed to make them more of a threat to players hiding behind shields and parry talents, and also to continue to define this class apart from other melee and give them more purpose and uniqueness in grouping for PvE as well.

Juggernaut Balance:

  • The bandage healing reduction talent has been changed for PvP, it is now a random 50% chance of 1s reduction rather than always a 1s reduction.

Monk Changes & Balance:

  • Monks now have a baseline of 12 Hp regen of a maximum of 18 (16 + 2 baseline). The reason for this change is many players don't realize that this is a primary stat for Monk, without it your Meditation will heal for very little. So to ensure that newer Monk players don't get frustrated with the class early on due to a fundamental misunderstanding here, I have added this since change. It will need to be maxed regardless for effective play.
  • Monk immunity from medition now lasts 1s instead of 3s, but the healing from this ability will continue after for 2s longer after this 1s has elapsed. This reduces the ability for Monks to negate large amounts of damage but increases their mobility.
  • Monk empowered meditation healing now suffers the same heal dampening penalties as other sources of healing do: halved during poison, and the dampening from prolonged matches as well. It does not count as a separate healing source however.
  • Sound FX added to monk empowerment.
  • Monk Divine Link - during PvP combat this ability can only be applied to damage values greater than 15 and only once every 3s at most.

Spell Singer:

  • Spell Singers Blade Spirit base damage can be raised by up to 3 based on class level.


  • Dagger Mastery - swing speed now capped at one swing every 0.875s (3.5 ticks) for this talent, up from 1.00s per swing.
  • This class has been underperforming when it comes to dps and would be nice for it to be able to keep up with rest of the pack, the fast swing times also have the potential to give it a niche in PvP.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • New Gump with stat details has been added to the game, accessible through the Player Info Gump in the bottom right hand corner.
    • This gump will give you details on how close to stat caps you are for most stats in the game, this is to help players figure out how to glyph items and find gear they need.

Class Balancing Changes:

  • Berserker Freeze duration for talent increased to 1.5s in PvP.
  • Berserker Freya's healing now has two separate timeouts for hitting players and creatures, the timeout for players has been reduced to 10s, and for creatures remains at 30s.
  • Ranger Freeze duration increased to 1.5s for campfires in PvP.
  • Thaumaturge throughput GCD for PvP has been raised from 10 to 20 seconds, this means they can cascade at most one spell every 20 seconds now instead of every 10.
  • Master of Beasts - review of counter attack talent - this talent is working as intended, in order for it to function you either must be riding a 3 slot pet or you must have 2 or fewer control slots used to use this in PvP or unmounted territory. Please let me know the exact pet you used that caused an issue because it might have to do with a specific pet.
  • Double Strikes from pets now have timeouts in PvP to prevent them from occurring with too great of frequency, 3 slot or larger pets have a 3 seconds timeout, 2 slot or fewer pets have a 5 second timeout.

PvP Minimum Stats:

  • I have added global minimums to these values while in a battleground only. This is something I will be rolling out for a number of primary stats that are needed to ensure a minimum degree of balance can be attained within PvP battlegrounds. These are not bonus stats, but if you are below the minimum you will be raised to the minimum. This should give undergeared players closer to a fighting chance against those who are very well geared. I will be adjusting these caps as well go and may include restrictions for example, caster based classes only getting access to FC / FCR, but first I want to see where all this lands.
  • Defend Chance Minimum - 50
  • Attack Chance Minimum - 50
  • Swing Speed Increase Minimum - 50
  • Damage Increase Minimum - 80
  • Faster Casting Minimum - 3
  • Faster Cast Recovery Minimum - 5
  • Spell Damage Increase - 20 (the cap is 30 in PvP for mages atm, this one will likely later be reworked to make spell damage a more required stat for PvP)
  • The goal with these stats is to have them high enough to where playing undergeared doesn't feel just completely aweful, but to have them low enough to where veteran players will want to raise beyond these minimums. There are some inherent baseline buffs being given to certain playstyles as well, like warrior archtypes taking magery as a 7th skill, and so I want to see how these play out considering those things as well.

Battleground Changes:

  • Confirming a kill in a battleground grants a player a 10s boost of mounted speed, this is to allow them to get back to the orb and/or potentially make plays in larger fights. The time right now is pretty lengthy, so I might adjust it down later, but I want to see how this feels first.

Other Changes:

  • Condensed reflect, gaze, and curse attack speech from enemy units in ICE, this is a small step in our ongoing battle to reduce spam to a minimum.

Poisoning Spell: Mechanics Explained (No Changes)

  • To inflict higher level poisons as a mage with this spell requires a combination of Magery and Poisoning skills.
  • Based on (Magery + Poisoning) / 2:
    • Values at or above 100.0 yeild Deadly Poison with a 10% chance to upgrade to Lethal Poison.
    • Values at or above 85.0 yeild Greater Poison.
    • Values at or above 65.0 yeild Regular Poison.
    • Values below 65.0 yeild Lesser Poison.
  • Note also that the Poison Level inflicted will be reduced based on distance from the target:
    • 3 Squares away will reduce the Poison by one level.
    • 4-5 Squares away will reduce the Poison by two levels.
    • 6-7 Squares away will reduce the Poison by three levels.
    • 8 Squares away will reduce the Poison by four levels.
    • The minimum is Lesser Poison if the level has been reduced.
  • So it is ideal to inflict the Poison no farther than 2 tiles away from the target.
  • Also note that the Poison spell can be resisted.

Poison Field Spell: Mechanics Explained (No Changes)

  • To inflict higher level poisons as a mage with this spell requires a combination of Magery and Poisoning skills.
  • Based on (Magery + Poisoning) / 2:
    • Values at or above 100.0 yeild Deadly Poison (cannot upgrade to Lethal).
    • Values at or above 85.0 yeild Greater Poison.
    • Values at or above 65.0 yeild Regular Poison.
    • Values below 65.0 yeild Lesser Poison.
  • Also note that the Poison Field spell cannot be resisted.

Patch Notes:

By JarJarIsASith


  • NPC Mortal Strike attacks against players reduced from 6s to 3s durations.
  • NPC Bleed Attacks against players reduced from 10s to 4s durations.
  • Monk Swift Strikes talent reviewed and is functioning properly.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with Monk divine link.
  • Fixed a Ranger issue with traps not working in PvP, you can now track player pets and freeze them.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to cure spell and cure potion timeouts.

     Author: JarJarIsASith, Singularity - UO free shard developer