Singularity - UO Free Shard - Title

Rules and Behavior Guidelines

     The one main rule on this server is to treat other players with respect. Avoid harassing other players verbally, save your strength for the battlefield. So long as there is no malicious intent in your actions that are specifically targetting the same individual repetitively, you will most likely be given a warning the first time. But do avoid harassing players with excessiveness, this includes repeatedly killing a player over and over again, especially if that player is relatively defenseless. The goal is to make a server that can support player versus player interactions without turning into a place that new players aren't given a chance to thrive. Beyond this general code of ethics I would like players to follow, there are a number of rules that players will be expected to adhere to:

  1. PvP: losing is a part of the game, if you feel your loss was unwarranted due to in game mechanics do not lash out at other players, refrain from verbally harassing players after matches, and if there is a specific mechanic you think is unfair, carefully state your concerns in discord or directly to an admin so you can have a discussion about why those mechanics exist, ways to deal with them, or possible ways we could modify those mechanics to bring about a more fair PvP environment.
  2. PvP: Battle Royale is a game mode that can exist only if players can maintain a level of integrity within those matches that allows us all to fight on fair terms. Some players of course have friends on the server that they want to team up with, but Battle Royale matches are not the place for this. "Teaming" is when 2 or more players work together in an FFA format under "truce" conditions where they avoid fighting each other or attempt to feed one player wins. This is strictly against the rules. Also remember that just because two players are attacking you in a match does not mean that they are teaming, sometimes there are strategical calls that result in one player being the focus of concern for two or more other players. If someone is blatantly teaming, please come talk to me about it and I will look into issuing warnings or bans.
  3. Any exploit used for personal gain will result in a ban, hacking into other players accounts will result in a ban.
  4. Reporting exploits to GM will not result in a ban, unless you are then found to have used the exploit excessively for personal gain.
  5. Unattended macroing in dungeons is against the rules. Unattended resource gathering is against the rules. Unattended macroing for animal taming is now strictly against the rules. Unattended macroing within your house or anywhere in the Trammel open world is permitted so long as it is not unattended resource gathering.
  6. Playing two or more accounts at once for the purpose of farming or pvp is strictly forbidden and considered a bannable offense. You can have multiple accounts connected simultaneously but only one of those accounts should be actively played at once. The other accounts connected can have afk macros running for skill gaining or other permittable use. You absolutely cannot set up macros that result in one account assisting the other for the purpose of farming.
  7. Using objects such as stools to block players and monsters is not against the rules, but any blocked monsters must have a path to you (using players or other monsters doesnt count as blocking).
  8. GMs reserve the final judgement as to whether or not a players actions are punishable and what punishment to deliver, so please use your best judgement.
  9. If you are caught excessively harassing other players it will result in a ban, so be mindful of your actions and treat others with the same respect you would like to be treated with.
  10. When a punishable offense occurs on the server it will be at the judgement of the GMs as to whether it is a punishable exploit and what the punishment should be. If you are determined to have exploited the game or harassed another player excessively. Standard recourse for first time offenders might be jail time or a temporary ban. In excessive cases or cases of repeated offense you will most likely receive lengthy and possibly permanent bans. So once again, when in doubt, use good judgement to determine your best course of action.
  11. The staff will not be held liable for any lost items, accounts, deleted characters or hacked accounts. So remember to create an account with a strong password and never give that information to other players. If a server crash has occurred, data that was lost in the crash cannot and will not be restored. We apologize in advance for when technology fails, but building 100% bug free systems is not an easy task to accomplish and due to the legacy nature of this game it is possible for data loss in the event of a crash. If you have found a bug in game and report it to the staff in a quick and timely manner, without exploiting the bug, you will be given a reward for your honesty and integrity in the form of donation currency.

     Author: JarJarIsASith, Singularity - UO free shard developer