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Skills - Animal Taming

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Taming in the UO Singularity world follows many of the conventions players are accustomed to on other shards, however there are some key differences in how a player can progress into a viable end game build that we will explain later.

Taming a unit is as simple as left clicking it and selecting the Tame option. After a few moments waiting for the skill to complete you will be notified of success or failure.

Animal Lore is very important for Animal Tamers, because the combination of these two skills determines if your pet will listen to your commands or note. Without it your pets will mostly be for just show.

Veterinary is a near essential skill for serious tamers in that it is the only convenient method available for resurrecting dead pets. Also note that healing spells have a reduced effectiveness on controlled pets by 50%, making Veterinary skill even more needed.

End Game Pets

End game pets for tamers typically fall into one of few possible categories (although for certain there are other interesting options as well):
  1. Magical Mount + Dragon (or Serpentine Dragon)
    (This option allows the tamer to ride their mount and dismount during combat for additional damage)

  2. Greater Dragon (or Shadow Wyrm / White Wyrm)
    (This option leaves 1 control slot for a mount to permanently ride, and would be better suited for dexxer tamers and PvP tamers)
  3. Or
  4. Wolf Spiders
    (This option allows a player to run with a pack of 2-5 wolf spiders (who only use 1 control slot each) and can be very nice for farming)

This all changes once you achieve level 300 as a Master of Beasts class where you will be able to tame Skeletal Dragons, Frost Dragons or Ancient Wyrms, which will most assuredly be the best tameable units in the game. Skeletal Dragons require 3 control slots and can be paired with a 2-slot nightmare equivalent. Ancient Wyrms and Frost Dragons both require 4 control slots.

The viable Magical Mounts in the game are listed below, despite having different taming requirements, all of these units have stats that are on par with Nightmares, and all of these are considered to be Exotic Mounts, which are scarce and on 1-3 hour respawn timers, and found only in dungeons.

  1. Unicorn
  2. Ki-rin
  3. Fire Steed
  4. Dread Warhorse
  5. Nightmare
  6. Reptalon

The stats and skills of these units have been tweaked to bring them in line with one another, but there are some very distinct differences, as their core functionality has not been changed. This means for example, Unicorns still retain the ability to cure their rider.


    Training taming is a slow process in that it can only be improved through active use. It takes several seconds to attempt to tame a creature, and when you succeed you cannot gain off that creature again. In most cases it is best to take this as a starting skill for your character should you wish to use it.

Control Slots:

     Please note that many of the 2-control slot mounts found in this list have been brought in line as what we refer to as "Nightmare equivalents." The goal here is that the Nightmare pet serves as our standard for what a two-slot pet should be in terms of combat capabilities. The following pets found in this page are considered to be Nightmare equivalents and more will be added to this list in the future: Nightmare, Dread Warhorse, Unicorn, Ki-rin, Fire Steed, Vollem and Reptalon. The Lesser Hiryu will likely join the Nightmare equivalent list in the near future as well.

Below is a full list of tameable creatures in the UO Singularity world, giving you a path to follow for leveling this skill.

AnimalControl SlotsMin Taming
a raven10
a mongbat10
a cat10
a sewer rat10
a gorilla10
a rat10
a vampire mongbat10
a tropical bird10
a chicken10
a jack rabbit10
a dog10
a mountain goat10
a cow111.1
a sheep111.1
a goat111.1
a pig111.1
an eagle117.1
a timber wolf123.1
a bull frog123.1
a hind123.1
a slime123.1
a horse129.1
a giant beetle129.1
a boar129.1
a giant rat129.1
a llama135.1
a polar bear135.1
a walrus135.1
a black bear135.1
a brown bear141.1
a cougar141.1
a scorpion147.1
an alligator147.1
a snow leopard153.1
a panther153.1
a grey wolf153.1
a snake159.1
a giant spider159.1
a grizzly bear159.1
a Wolf spider159.1
a great hart159.1
a white wolf165.1
a bull171.1
a mongbat171.1
a greater mongbat171.1
a frost spider174.7
a giant toad177.1
an imp283.1
a dire wolf183.1
a savage ridgeback183.1
a ridgeback183.1
a drake284.3
a hell hound285.5
a dragon393.9
a fire beetle193.9
a swamp dragon193.9
a dread spider396
a lesser hiryu198.7
a cu sidhe3101.1
a bug beetle2102.1
a serpentine dragon3103
a fire steed2105.1
a unicorn2105.1
a vollem2105.1
a ki-rin2105.1
a dread warhorse2105.1
Bane Dragon3107.1
a white wyrm4109.1
a greater dragon4110.1
a shadow wyrm4113.3
a reptalon2114.1
a nightmare2115.1
a skeletal dragon3115.1
a frost dragon4115.1
an ancient wyrm4115.1

Advice to increase success:

  1. Wear armor appropriate for the damage type of the monster you are taming.
  2. Don't wear Reflect Physical Damage armor, because if the animal gets hurt, it will disturb your taming attempt.
  3. Don't paralyze pets which can have GM+ skill values, it will decrease the resulting tamed pet's maximum skill cap.
  4. Damage the target for a bit before taming, this will slow it down and make it weaker and therefore easier to tame.
  5. Try to find some alacrity scrolls for animal taming, this will increase the skill gains you get while taming.