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Skills - Blacksmith

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Whether sweating over a fiery forge to create a masterpiece or hammering dents and polishing scratches from a favored piece of plate mail, the blacksmith of Britannia is a skilled craftsman who often finds his or her services in high demand.

The skill of Blacksmithy involves: smelting metal items and ores; crafting arms and armaments; enhancing certain metal items; and repairing applicable items.

There is a special collection of Bulk Order Deeds available for Smiths to fill out. Returning these provides special mining tools and other items as rewards. For the Smith in training, these can help speed the time it takes to acquire more ingots - For advanced players, Power Scrolls and Runic Hammers may be earned.

A skilled character may learn special Blacksmithy Recipes in order to create yet more powerful weapons.