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Skills - Detect Hidden

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Detecting Hidden can be used to reveal hidden players and traps. There is both a passive and active form of Detect Hidden. When invoking this skill (active use), the character is given a targeting reticule and asked, "Where will you search?" The skill check is run when an area is selected. If successful, hidden characters and traps within the search range will be revealed. The further a hidden character or item is from the targeted tile, the less chance to detect successfully. Detect Hidden works against both Invisibility and Stealth, though not equally. Invisible characters are easier to detect. Use of the Detecting Hidden skill in a home the character owns or is friended to is always 100% successful. A stealther may re-hide immediately upon detection, wherein Tracking should then be used.

There is a 10 second delay between uses of Detecting Hidden.

The passive Detect Hidden range against a character using Stealth is a 4 tile radius; stealthers are advised to stay at least 4 tiles away from others.

Publish 97 removed the need to have Detect Hidden in order to train the Remove Trap skill.

Finding Hidden People

  1. The radius of detection is based on your Detect Hidden skill.
  2. Your chances of finding a hidden player depend on the relationship between your Detect Hidden skill and their Hiding skill.
  3. House owners, co-owners and friends are able to instantly reveal anyone hidden in their house regardless of skill level. You cannot gain skill by using Detect Hidden on the house floor.
  4. Having a high Detect Hidden skill helps to automatically reveal people that stealth in your vicinity; The passive Detect Hidden range against a character using Stealth is a 4 tile radius.
  5. The Detect Hidden skill also helps you when you are using the Tracking skill and when you use the Reveal spell.
  6. All human characters have Jack of all Trades of 20 Detect Hidden
  7. All elven characters have a racial bonus increased chance to passively Detect Hidden.
  8. Passive Detect Hidden is not active in “Abyss” ruleset shards.