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Skills - Healing

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Healing lets you restore hit points on yourself or other players by using Bandages. When combined with the Anatomy skill, you will heal more and gain the abilities to cure Poison and Resurrect other players.

Applying bandages takes time, and your chances of success fall as you take further damage. A higher Healing skill can allow you to ignore outside interference.

Although similar to the Veterinary skill, healing will not allow you to aid Animals or Monsters.


You can train on yourself (except for resurrection), but healing another player trains faster.

  1. 0 - 40: Train from Avicenna in New Haven.
  2. 40 - 60: Heal a damaged player.
  3. 60 - 80: Cure a normal poisoned player, using a poison trap box is best.
  4. 80 - 120: Resurrect a dead player (they don't have to accept the resurrection and you will still gain).


  1. At 60.0 skill in Anatomy and Healing you will be able to cure poison.
  2. At 80.0 skill in Anatomy and Healing you will be able to resurrect dead players.
  3. As of Publish 71, with 80 skill or greater in Healing and Anatomy, at half the Heal Duration for self heals, healing will attempt to remove poison and bleed effects. This will reduce the amount healed when the heal is finished its normal duration.
  4. Example: If your normal heal time is 6 seconds at 100 Dexterity and have greater than 80 skill points in both Healing and Anatomy, then you have a chance to cure the poison at the 3 second mark. If you succeed your final heal will amount will be reduced in proportion to the poison level that was cured. If you failed, then you will make a second cure attempt at the 6 second mark (at the end of the heal attempt).
  5. Bleed is treated as Level 3 Poison.
  6. Time to heal is based on your Dexterity. Slip damage also scales based on Dexterity.
  7. Using an Enhanced Bandage from the Fountain of Life will give a +10 boost to your healing skill for the bandages application.