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Skills - Lumberjacking

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Lumberjacking serves a number of purposes in the UO Singularity world. First and foremost, this is a gathering skill that produces lumber which can be used by other crafting skills like carpentry and fletching. Beyond this, Lumberjacking serves as a damage modifier for Axe weapons, and for players who unlock the Berserker class this serves as a damage multiplier for Bardiche and Halberd weapons.


Lumberjacks receive a Damage Increase when they wield Axe weapons. The formula is Lumberjack skill รท 5 (plus 10% if Lumberjacking is equal to or greater than 100). At GM Lumberjacking, there is a 10% chance for a Lumberjacking damage bonus of 100% from base weapon damage.

For Berserker's, the damage bonus is based on Berserker class skill and the specifics can be found on the Class System Feature page.

The following axe weapons and the artifacts based on those items impart the damage bonus:

  1. Axe (Standard)
  2. Battle Axe
  3. Double Axe
  4. Executioner's Axe
  5. Large Battle Axe
  6. Two Handed Axe
  7. Ornate Axe
  8. Hatchet


There a few methods to gain lumberjacking.

Method 1 - Chop trees.

Method 2 - Attack creatures with an axe. This will require either the Swordsmanship skill or a weapon with the Use Best Weapon Skill property.

Method 3 - Attack creatures with a bardiche or halberd. This will also require either the Swordsmanship skill or a weapon with the Use Best Weapon Skill property.

Types Of Wood

There are various different types of wood which grant different bonuses to items crafted by Carpenters as well as Bowyers. Each requires a different skill level to harvest.

When wood is harvested, it initially comes in log form (weighing two stones instead of the single stone a board weighs). An Axe type item can be used to perform the conversion, though this is optional - raw logs work just as well for crafting as boards do, they simply weigh more.

For the purpose of creating boards either the Lumberjacking or Carpentry skill can be used (though only Lumberjacks can harvest the rare woods in the first place).

The skill levels required to collect/convert each type of board are:

  1. Plain: 0
  2. Oak: 65
  3. Ash: 80
  4. Yew: 95
  5. Bloodwood: 100