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Skills - Mace Fighting

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Mace Fighting is a skill that allows a practioner to use the Mace class of weapons. As with other offensive skills, a mace fighter is able to use the primary special move with Macing skill at 70 and Tactics skill at 30 and the secondary special move with Macing skill at 90 and Tactics skill at 60. A macer's professional title is Armsman.

In PvP combat, mace weapons are valued because they always damage an opponent's armor when a hit is scored. Such weapons also do a small amount of additional damage to a target's Stamina when hit.


From 0 - 30 skill you should buy from an NPC Warrior Guildmaster.


Simply put, mace class weapons are designed to crush (or at least bruise) your opponents. Sometimes spikes are added in order to cause additional flesh wounds.

They deal an extra hit to the stamina level of targets, while also lowering the durability of their armor at an accelerated rate.

Note that as the Tinkering skill has no Runic Tools, the items it produces are seldom used as primary weapons in combat.

Poisoning cannot be used with Mace Fighting.