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Skills - Magery

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Throw a fireball here, a lightning bolt there, and add a summoned daemon for good measure. Those who study the magical arts of Britannia may not be adept with a sword and shield, but few can surpass the power of a learned mage.


There are eight circles of eight spells, each circle taking more skill, mana and time to cast than the previous circle. The casting time of a spell is determined by the circle number. The formula is 0.25 + spell circle * 0.25 seconds.


    0 - 30: Train at NPC Mage
When training, target an inanimate object such as anything on the ground or in your backpack to avoid causing damage. Also equip a 100% Lower Reagent Cost suit to save reagents. Other important properties include up to 40% Lower Mana Cost, having 2 Faster Casting, having 6 Faster Cast Recovery, and as much Mana Regeneration as you can. Finally, equip a Mage Weapon -29 Magery skill Wand with the Spell Channeling property. It will allow you to cast lower skill spells which are faster and consume less mana. You would need an extra faster casting to compensate for the -1 of the Spell Channeling property.

  1. 30 - 45: Cast Fireball
  2. 45 - 55: Cast Lightning (or Mana Drain for also raise Resisting Spells and Evaluating Intelligence)
  3. 55 - 65: Cast Paralyze
  4. 65 - 75: Cast Reveal
  5. 75 - 90: Cast Flamestrike (or Mana Vampire for also raise Resisting Spells and Evaluating Intelligence)
  6. 90 - 120: Cast Earthquake

Method 2

  1. 40-120 skill - Attack a pet Wolf Spider or Arctic Ogre Lord
You'll require 59.1 Animal Taming and Animal Lore to control a Wolf Spider (you can purchase up to around 30 of each from an NPC then use jewelry/items such as Mark of Travesty with taming/lore and Library Talisman with taming/lore

Alternatively with 52.0 skill Spellweaving you can cast Dryad Allure to control an Arctic Ogre Lord

This method is a little bit of a trick, but is allowed. You will not get in trouble for using this trick. This method of training requires a few setup procedures.

  1. Acquire a 100% poison mage weapon, Make sure that the weapon you get does not have any hit spell on it. If it does, it will make this method unfeasible.
  2. Acquire a set of +20 (or greater) jewelry in mage skill. And perhaps one 100% poison weapon with -20 mage skill and one 100% poison weapon with -29 mage skill. Your goal with this is that when you put on the jewelry, your skill should be between 10 and 20 points lower than the Wrestling on the creature at all times. This is to maximize gains. At 40-70 skill you will likely have to use jewelry to boost your magery skill into the proper range.
  3. Join a guild if you are not in one already. You can also start your own which is not very costly.
Now that you have completed those three tasks, here's what you do:

  1. Grab your pet and stand someplace.
  2. Equip your weapon and jewelry. Remember your skill should be no farther than 20 below the creature's wrestling.
  3. Say "all guard me". This will make your creature highlight green to you.
  4. Say "all stop". This will make the creature stop guarding you, with new pet commands you say "all follow me" and creature never attacks you and will always follow you.
  5. Attack the creature.
  6. You may have to go through steps 3-5 several times before it works right. If you keep getting hit, just keep using the 'all stop' command.
As your skill increases you should remove the skill enhancement jewelry as needed. Eventually you will surpass the creature's skill. This is okay because as long as you are 20 points below or above your opponents fighting skill, you can gain your own.

It would be advantageous to use a suit/weapon that achieves maximum Swing Speed

Note: While this method can be fully automated, it is important not to train unattended. You will be taken to jail if a Gamemaster determines you are not paying attention.

Impacting Skills

  1. Evaluating Intelligence - determine how much mana an opponent has left and improve spell damage
  2. Meditation - increases the rate at which a character regenerates mana
  3. Inscription - a GM Scribe gains a +10% Spell Damage Increase and an additional 5% bonus to Casting Focus which can exceed the item cap