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Skills - Musicianship

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Musicianship is the core Bard-themed skill. It is required for any of the other Bard-related skills to even have a chance of success.

A modest level of Musicianship is also required for a Carpenter to be able to produce musical instruments, which feature a 10% success bonus over NPC-purchased musical instruments.


While it does little on it's own aside from producing either fine music or fat-fingered cacophony, it's level is a key factor when attempting to perform the other Bard skills, namely Provocation, Discordance or Peacemaking in conjunction with a target's Barding Difficulty.

In addition to influencing the level of success for the other Bardic skills, it also allows a character to use the Fire Horn.

Training - Active

  1. 0 - 30: Purchase training from an NPC Bard.
  2. 30+: Double-click any musical instrument to have a chance at gaining in skill. If a character has completed training other bard skills, this is the quickest method.

Training - Passive

  1. 0 - 30: Purchase training from an NPC Bard.
  2. 30+: Musicianship has a chance to raise anytime one of the other bard skills is used. Most likely, Musicianship will be at the desired level before other bard skills have completed training so it is best to focus on those first.