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Skills - Parry

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

In the world of UO Singularity, the Parry skill functions in two ways. It can allow a player to block hits entirely when a shield is equipped with a successful Parry skill check, and it will reduce incoming damage from the physical damage type. This absorption is based on the total physical resistance a player has, and at 120.0 skill level, parry will allow a player to gain the full physical absorption potential from their armor. The Juggernaut Class can allow a player to extend this absorption up even higher. These absorption benefits do NOT require a shield be equipped.

Poison Resistance

In the world of UO Singularity, players can resist poisons applied to by their own hand or at the hand of a non-player with a combination of the Resist Spells skill and the Parry Skill. This change is to allow Resist Magic faster growth and to reward players for taking defensive skills. At 120.0 Resist Spells and 120.0 Parry, a player will resist Lethal poison 50% of the time, and this is the upper limit. Keep in mind that this also makes items with Resist Magic and Parry more valuable, since those item based skill gains will count towards this calculation. This resistance does not count if another player directly applies poison to someone.

Damage Absorption

Additionally, both the Parry and Resist Magic skills provide players with additional damage absorbtion based on the armor you are wearing and the type of damage (Parry for physical, and Resist Magic for non-physical). Without either of these defensive skills, a player will absorb less damage than a player with the same resistances but more Resisting Spells and Parry skill. But with these skills, a player is capable of absorbing a higher percentage of their armors base value. This means if your character is listed at 70% physical resistance and you have 120.0 parry skill, you will actually absorb more physical damage than 70%. This calculation only applies when players are hit by monsters. It does not apply to PvP calculations, and this makes Parry a very important skill for all melee players especially.

Interactions with the Juggernaut Class: once this class has been obtained by a player, the maximium absorption potential is raised by an additional percentage but your Parry and Resisting Spells skill are still the determining factors.

Break Ignore Armor

Last, for monsters that ignore armor on hit, parry skill will grant a player up to a 60% chance to break ignore armor, allowing them to absorb damage normally. This calculation scales linearly with skill, and does not apply to any player versus player calculations.


Just put on a shield start fighting, Parry is one of the most straightforward skills in the game to train.