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Skills - Poisoning

Published: 2020-05-30, by JarJarIsASith

For those familiar with the Poison skill in the Ultima Online universe, they know this ability can be very helpful at dispatching foes quickly, but please keep in mind that the way this skill functioning in UO Singularity is quite different and in a nut shell, it is much easier to make use of.

First off, there are two key skill points for poison in UO Singularity:

  1. At 50.0 skill your character will begin auto-applying poisons found in their base inventory, this application will count as a skill check and will allow you to gain Poison skill, also note that on failure you will apply half charges rather than losing the poison entirely. You will not auto apply poisons when hitting another player. Also note that each poison has a required skill to apply in combat
  2. At 100.1 skill and above, your character has a chance to upgrade the poison level by 1 when applying, up to a 100% chance at level 100.0, but this only applies when your target is not a player.

Poisonable Weapons

In the UO Singularity world, all weapons (including ranged weapons) except for Mace Fighting weapons are poisonable. For maces, only the War Axe is poisonable. A player must have a minimum skill level in poisoning to apply the poison on hit as follows:

  1. Lesser Poison - 20.0 Poisoning Skill
  2. Regular Poison - 40.0 Poisoning Skill
  3. Greater Poison - 60.0 Poisoning Skill
  4. Deadly Poison - 80.0 Poisoning Skill


Training this skill should be significantly quicker, while in Trammel, full skill scaling will apply to this skill and once you hit skill level 50.0 you will auto poisons with 100% success, so simply adventuring in dungeons with a backpack filled with poison potions will be enough to continue skilling up after that. Remember, if you carry oil cloths and wipe down your blade you'll be able to re-apply poisons very quickly for fast gains. Otherwise you'll need to wait until the charges are all used.

The recommended type of poison to use for training is:

  1. 0 - 30: Train at an NPC Thief Guildmaster
  2. 30 - 40: Apply Lesser Poison
  3. 40 - 70: Apply Poison
  4. 70 - 92: Apply Greater Poison
  5. 92 - 100: Apply Deadly Poison
  6. 90 - 120: Deadly Poison auto application, simply carry them in the base level of your backpack.
Alchemy skill is required to produce poison from Nightshade. Many aspiring poisoners purchase poison by the keg-full from other players if they do not possess high levels of Alchemy.

Summoned Units

This skill also has some interactions with some summoned units in the game. These summoned units will gain the ability to apply Deadly Poison on hit once you reach 100.0 skill, and at 120.0 skill they will always apply Lethal Poison. While between 100.0 and 120.0 there is a chance for a summoned unit that applies Lethal Poison each time you summon one. You must have a minimum of 100.0 Poison Skill and 90.0 Magery for these effects to apply. Below is a list of spells affected by this:

Affected Summons

  1. Blade Spirits
  2. Summon Daemon