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Skills - Tinkering

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Tinkering is the skill that could be considered central to all creativity in Ultima Online - The ability to fashion tools for use with the other trades makes it a good starting point for any up-and-coming crafter. For example, it allows a miner to create more Shovels as he works. These tools often do not require high levels of skill to create, so not all crafters need to be Grand Master tinkerers to get an advantage - Though Exceptionally crafted tools do last longer...

Tinkers may also create magic jewelry, some of which are classified as artifacts. It's recommended to train your skill in Heartwood so as to obtain the recipes required prior to actually needing them.

With enough skill, your characters may even assemble obedient Golems to do their bidding in battle. While not often used in real combat situations, their extreme poison resistance makes them prized by fighters wishing to train their combat skills.

Usually Tinkers work with ingots, though on occasion they create items out of wood as well.

In Ultima lore, Tinkering is associated with the virtue of Sacrifice.


You will require a set of Tinker's Tools to practice your trade. As your skill progresses, you should create:

Training Tinkering

  1. 0-40 - Train from Amelia Youngstone in New Haven
  2. 40-45 - Scissors (2 ingots each)
  3. 45-60 - Tongs' (1 ingot each, sell to blacksmith or tinker)
  4. 60-75 - Lockpicks (1 ingot each, sell to provisioner)
  5. 75-85 - Bracelets (3 ingots each, sell to jeweler)
  6. 85-90 - Spyglasses (4 ingots each, sell to shipwright)
  7. 90-100 - Rings (3 ingots each, sell to jewelers)
You can check your progress using a Mini crystal ball.gif Crystal Ball of Knowledge. It is also a good idea to do the The Right Tool for the Job quest in New Haven for accelerated skill gain to 50 skill and you will receive Amelia's Toolbox.

Tinker-Made Weapons

While blacksmiths make most of the in-game weapons, Tinkers make a few items of combat as well:

  1. Cleaver
  2. Nunchaku
  3. Pickaxe
  4. Hatchet
  5. Sledge Hammer
  6. Smith's Hammer
  7. Skinning Knife
  8. Butcher Knife
  9. Gargish Butcher's Knife
  10. These items are seldom used in combat as no Runic Tools are available to Tinkers. This prevents them from adding powerful Item Properties.