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Skills - Wrestling

Published: 2020-05-25, by JarJarIsASith

Wrestling is a skill often used to complement Magery. It allows a mage to defend while adhering to the requirement of having hands free when casting spells or using Meditation. The Wrestling skill is checked automatically each time in bare handed combat. The skill determines the frequency of your attacks, as well as the amount of damage you deal when striking an opponent. While it used to be the case that a spellbook in hand did not count for wrestling, it now does. So a mage can equip a spellbook with item properties and still use their wrestling skill.

Wrestling has two special moves. At 70 skill you can Disarm an opponent and at 90 you may deal a Paralyzing Blow. You do not need the Tactics skill to use these abilities. Currently these are the only two special moves available in the game and your must toggle them each attack to use them.

The disarm ability will prevent players from equipping weapons for 4 seconds, also, there is an immunity duration of 30 seconds that begins at the time a player is disarmed initially. Meaning a player has 26 seconds of immunity after requiping their weapon.

The paralyzing blow ability is a 3 second stun in PvP combat and a 6 second stun in PvE combat. There is also an immunity duration for this ability that is 15 seconds starting from the initial paralyze. Also note, that similar to the paralyze spell, this ability can be broken if the target is damaged early.


  1. 0 - 50: From 0 - 40 skill you should buy from Dimethro The Wrestling Instructor in New Haven. You can then do the skill gain quest to get accelerated gains up to 50. You need to have your right arm free or equipped with a spellbook and hit opponents.
  2. 50 - 65: Goto Jhelom pits and hire a 6gp wrestling npc.
  3. 65 - 85: Hire a 8gp wrestler npc.
  4. 85 - 120: Summon Daemon for wrestling or just get a Golem with Fishing Pole equipped.